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Who would have thought that a byproduct in alcohol production can be used in car making? Ford Motor Company and Jose Cuervo is joining forces to develop sustainable bioplastics using agave plants.

Tequila is made from agave plants. Throughout the plant’s 7-year cycle, its fibrous byproduct has many uses such as fertilizers, crafts for local artisans, and agave paper. This time, Ford and Jose Cuervo are looking to develop a sustainable bioplastic material to incorporate in vehicles.  

They are now on the testing phase of this new breed of bioplastic. Their target is to use it in the vehicle interior and exterior parts, particularly in wiring harnesses, HVAC units, and storage bins.

If successful, Ford’s vehicles will not only become lighter, but will also be a great accessory to lessen the use of fossil fuels that has been regarded as a depleting source. In addition to that, the reduction of weight will increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency

The American marque is optimistic about this new product because of its durability and aesthetic qualities. Per Ford’s senior technical leader, sustainability research department, Debbie Mielewski, their aim is to reduce the impact of their vehicle production to the environment.

Mielewski added that there are about 400 pounds of plastic on a typical car. To find the best place to use bioplastic can help impact our planet, which is something she’s proud of and looking forward to be used across various industries.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, 5 million metric tons of agricultural biomass waste is discarded and underutilized. This is despite the fact that they are of low cost, lighter, and more sustainable than glass fibers and talc.

To get a full grasp of the idea, watch this video presentation of Ford below.

For more information about Ford and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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