ford ranger raptor arrival

After the successful regional test drive of the Ranger Raptor in Australia recently, Ford Philippines is set out to bring the pumped-up Ranger into our shores. The company is actually accepting pre-orders as early as now, anticipating the influx of buyers who would like to get their hands on the first-ever Ranger Raptor in the country. But you already know that, right?

What Ford Philippines put in between the lines in its press relese this morning is the confirmation of the Ranger Raptor’s arrival. Here are the exact words:

"Ford will announce official pricing for the Ranger Raptor closer to its launch date, which is scheduled within the third quarter of the year.”

Looking at the calendar, the months in the third quarter of the year are July, August, and September. We’re now in August, and Ford also sent an invite for a huge launch happening towards the end of this month. Could this be the Ranger Raptor already? Maybe. Maybe not.

But if we'll take Ford Philippines' word for it, we're sure that the Ranger Raptor will be launched within the next two months, before October comes in.

Now, if our assumption is correct, the official price of the 2.0-liter biturbo monster will come out within the next two weeks. We still have no official ballpark figure of the Ranger Raptor’s price, but it could come close to P2-million, even beyond, as the most-expensive Ranger in Ford’s current lineup is at P1.7-million. So, if you're among those who are eyeing to buy the performance pickup truck, ready up your bank accounts.

Contact any Ford dealership now to inquire and secure the reservation for the 2019 Ranger Raptor. We suggest that you do this quickly, though, as there’s gong to be a long line.

The Ranger Raptor is bringing to life our unparalleled truck expertise at Ford. All over the world, it continues to generate a lot of interest, and in the Philippines, we’re equally excited to be working with our Ford dealers to begin accepting reservations.

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