Ford Ph gives tips for happier and safer journeys with friends and family

Driving with friends and family is enjoyable indeed. But sometimes tempers flare resulting to an unpleasant road trip for everyone. To help avoid this, Ford Philippines and the Emily Post Institute offer these drive-by etiquettes for happier and safer journeys.

According to them, safety must come first. This is not just about putting on seatbelts and driving carefully, this also entails being courteous to other drivers on the road. Practicing polite patience and defensive driving better promotes courtesy and helps level down road rage.

Obey the rules

It’s likewise important to obey traffic safety rules and regulations. Vehicle safety features such as Ford’s lane-keeping aid, airbags, and ABS are there to protect the passengers but a safe, alert, and law-abiding driver must always be a step ahead.

Take care of the passengers

They also pointed out that drivers are hosts. Little things like familiarizing their passengers to the vehicle (applies to newly-bought vehicles or first-time passengers), holding the door for someone, letting the interior reach the ideal temperature before entering, and loading up the entertainment system like Ford’s SYNC can help everyone be at ease and eliminate boredom along the way.

Assistance from passengers

The passengers’ roles are just as important. To lighten the driver’s load, they should pay attention and keep a sharp eye for traffic signs and other distractions on the road. Also as a show of courtesy, shouldering the fuel cost or offering to buy food and drinks can really do good.

2nd pair of eyes

For the front passengers, driver assistance is vital. If the driver somehow overlooks certain things on the road, be his or her 2nd pair of eyes. Put down that smartphone for a while or hook it up to the car’s navigation system and utilize GPS, Siri voice command, or Google Maps.

Talk among each other

For everyone, keep the journey fun. Engage in worthwhile conversations. If heated arguments arise, tone down the mood by playing a new music playlist or calling loved ones via the car’s onboard communication system.

The journey is as special or at times much better than the destination. And with these tips, we do hope that you experience a happier and safer road trip ahead.

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