It is amusing to see how far pickup trucks have come along in modern society. In the past, a truck would find home out on in the fields as tools to aid in manual labor. That is not the case today, as pickups are finding their way into the cities of the world, seemingly blending in instead of sticking out among a sea of SUVs and Sedans. Before, pickups were basic workhorses that just got the job done, but with the advent of several new technologies, the pickup has evolved to become a very capable machine no matter the situation, well at least according to Ford. The American brand shares its thoughts on the Ford Ranger, and why it is a vehicle for work, play, and everything in between. 

The Ford Ranger has truly set a benchmark in the country’s growing pick-up segment, complementing the diverse needs of today’s customer – whether for work or play, Our customers appreciate the versatility of the Ranger and its ability to seamlessly transition from a daily workhorse and utility truck to a family weekend vehicle with its combination of stylish refinement and total capability backed by its Built Ford Tough credentials.

The Ford Ranger Wildrak’s 2.0L Biturbo diesel engine is a capable hauler. Whether dealing with equipment, traversing over an off-road jobsite, or bringing the family to their next outing, the 10-speed automatic transmission mated to the refined diesel engine will deliver you all the power and torque to tackle most jobs. 

1,179 kg of maximum payload and 3,500-kg maximum towing capacity is more than enough for most people. To aid in hauling heavy items, the Ranger is loaded with technologies like Hill Launch Assist, which stops roll-back when starting or reversing. The truck also comes with Active Park Assist, which finds parallel parking spaces, and allows the vehicle to be steered into the parking slot. 

While you need a truck that can survive almost anything you throw at it, you also want it to be refined and cleans up nicely when the environment is more sedate like in the city. The tough body is complemented well by the refined design appeal of the exterior.

The Ranger is also equipped with SYNC 3 infotainment, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allows owners to remain connected in a safe manner.

In reducing the risk for an accident or collision, the Ranger’s Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) can detect both vehicles and pedestrians about an impending frontal collision. The system sends audible and visual warnings that alert the driver about a frontal collision. The feature will automatically apply the brakes to lessen the impact of a collision. 

Lane Keeping System is also in the new Ranger. The system uses sensors to detect when the truck begins to drift out of its lane unintentionally. The steering wheel will vibrate and warn the driver to go back into his lane. 

There are special deals for the Ranger until the end of March, with a cash discount of P60,000 and P40,000 for the 4x4 Wildtrak and 4x2 Wildtrak respectively. Avail this promo at any dealership nationwide. 

While Ford is ecstatic about its Ranger offerings, the brand does drive home a great point about pickups in today’s market. The addition of a turbos in cars and trucks have brought about exhaustive, pun intended, efforts from manufacturers to get more capability out of smaller and smaller displacements. More technologies are being fitted to pickups as well, making them seemingly blend in to the landscape of today. Exterior styling has also improved dramatically – gone are the days of boring sheet metal, and in its stead, modern and intentionally designed curves dominate the bodies of most modern day pickups, inciting mass appeal in the market. Manufacturers are looking at the pickup and seeing how versatile it actually is to the modern-day autobuyer. 

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