Foton jeepney

Celebrating the 106th anniversary of Land Transportation Office (LTO), commercial manufacturers in the automotive industry has gathered to exhibit their capable vehicles at the recent LTO Motor Show last April. As such, FOTON Philippines displayed its newly-launched vehicles – Jeepney and TransVan HR.

The subsequent launch of these new vehicles is a response to the Philippine government’s Public Utility Vehicles Modernization Program (PUVMP). FOTON’s version of the Jeepney was built in collaboration with Centro Manufacturing Corp, and is designed to resemble the conventional jeepney with its side-facing passenger seats and covered open air windows.

With a length of 5,974 mm, width of 1,981 mm, and a height of 2,195 mm, this jeepney aims to accommodate standing passengers and further maximize the seating capacity. Powering this PUV is an ISF 2.8 CRDI, four-cylinder, in-line, water cooling turbocharger Cummins engine. This is then coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, the same powertrain the FOTON Tornado light duty truck has.

Beep card

Keeping up with other advanced countries, FOTON plans to install a working Beep™ card reader for a tap-in-tap-out system, making it the first-ever programmed fare collection solution in the country.

foton transvan hr

Aside from that, new entry has been added in FOTON’s passenger vehicle line, the FOTON TransVan HR. Instead of the standard 13- and 15-seater, this TransVan can seat up to 16 people. This HR variant also offers a more spacious cabin than the standard TransVan and a high roof similar to Traveller. For added comfort and security, it features front and rear air conditioning, entertainment system, power window, and power locks.

foton transvan hr seats

The TransVan HR is run by a 4-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged, 2.8L CRDI diesel engine, connected to a 5- speed manual transmission. This engine can deliver up to 225 Nm of torque. To keep its occupants safe and secured, it comes with brake assist and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

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