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Sojitz G Auto Philippines, the local distributor of Geely in the country, has just announced that it has launched its new Customer Care Hotline for the global automotive brand. This new hotline was designed to make it easier for Geely Philippines customers to get in touch with their respective dealerships with any inquiries or concerns they might have in regards to vehicle sales, spare parts, as well as services that the brand offers locally. The new hotline is also part of the automaker’s bid to improve on its customer care services as the brand further expands in the country.

We truly recognize the importance of providing valuable service to our customers. This is why greater efficiency in customer service management is what we are aiming for

Nishi continues by stating that “As a young brand that’s striving to make a significant mark in the Philippine automotive industry for the long haul, our main goal is to provide a more seamless and customer-centric management system to gain more positive customer experiences.”

Geely Philippines has worked hard over the past two years to grow exponentially and to get to where it is today. This started with the introduction of the Geely Coolray and has continued with the recent introduction of the Geely Okavango. The automotive brand has also recently released a limited edition version of the Coolray along with a host of new color options for the sporty crossover. As the brand is slowly becoming a more popular and household name in the Philippines, it now has 24 operational dealerships nationwide, the newly created hotline is eyed to meet the increasing customer demands that come with an ever-growing dealership network. Geely’s Customer Care Hotline will be open to receive calls from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (including Holidays). Customers may call (8) 332-5399 / (8) 332-5441 and 09178358218 for the hotline numbers.

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