Imagine this, you have a big business meeting coming up and you don’t have a car. You try to get a taxi but the driver denies you unless you pay “extra.” This scenario is something that happens every day which causes direct and indirect economic losses to businesses and corporations.

Good thing that ride-hailing app Grab now has ‘Grab for Work.’ It offers an easy and sure-fire way of going around the metro for work related purposes.

Companies should focus resources on business growth and serving their customers. We see an opportunity to provide an end-to-end transport solution for companies – to help them modernize and streamline their transport expense management processes through our technology platform. From rides to receipts to reimbursements, Grab for Work offers a seamless user experience and enables HR and finance departments to save time on managing day-to-day corporate transport expenses,” said Anthony Tan, CEO and Co-Founder, Grab.

Besides the Grab app that can now help track and manage each business trip, the web portal offers several functions that make the human resource or finance department’s life easier. They can now set corporate payment options, enforce ride policies, and reduce paperwork all in one place.

Employees can separate business and personal rides easily by simply tagging the purpose in the app. They can also consolidate all e-receipts for easy reimbursement using the Grab portal. Commuters can also opt for credit based trips if their company wishes to use the monthly billing option. 

Grab for Work is now available for corporate customers in 6 countries including the Philippines.

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