Imagine this – your fluffy dog has been bugging you for the past few days to go to the park and play. After a lot of puppy eyes, your heart finally caves and you plan a trip to the park with your animal companion. The plan then goes out of the window because your mother does not like dog hair on her seats, and public transportation will scare even the bravest of German Shepherds. Taxis are ok, but there is no assurance that they’d be amicable to taking in your animal friend. 

At least in the Philippines, traveling with your pet is possible with your own automobile, albeit with a bit of preparation and kit. However, with most taking public transport, options immediately become limited. However, Grab has an idea that will appeal to pet owners. 

Grab Singapore just launched the beta of its newest feature on the Grab app on both Android and iOS.

GrabPet promises to be a comfortable way to travel with one’s pets. While there are existing pet transportation systems already in place in Singapore, these services will require bookings and reservations that are to be made in advance. Grab SG offers users the power of on-the-spot booking with its new feature. 

The service will also feature additional insurance coverage for pets onboard, a first in the industry. 

The four main thrusts of GrabPet moving forward with the beta are peace of mind, trained driver-partners, safety and comfort for pets, and rewards for every ride. 

To ensure safety and comfort of the pets, all Grab Pet vehicles will be equipped with foldable back-seat covers with adjustable leashes for pets. For cleanliness as well, GrabPet driver partners will also be carrying microfiber towels and air fresheners to maintain cleanliness in their automobiles. 

The features of GrabPet are very enticing. Imagine not needing to look for parking on your next mall outing with your pet. Or imagine having the peace of mind knowing that you can bring your pet to the vet at a moment’s notice? Hopefully, Grab Philippines brings over this quirky new feature to Filipino pet owners as it will open up a whole new world for your furry, scaly or fishy friend, to explore the world around them, one ride at a time.  

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