Juan Manuel Hoyos

Nissan Motors has announced the appointment of Juan Manuel Hoyos as the new President of Nissan Philippines. He will take up his new position in the company starting April 1, 2022. Hoyos will report to Isao Sekiguchi, the Regional Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan ASEAN and will be based in Manila.

As the new President, Juan will be leading the Japanese brand in the local automotive market carrying with him the strong momentum that was set by his predecessor Atsushi Najima. He will also continue the work of the Japanese brand in becoming a mobility provider in the country.

With his extensive experience in the automotive industry across different regions, I am confident that Juan will continue to sustain the growth that Nissan Philippines has shown and established under Atsushi Najima.

Sekiguchi continues by stating that "Under the strong leadership of Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines has navigated the company through the impacts of the pandemic ensuring business continuity. In FY21 Atsushi Najima has brought back the company to its 3rd spot in the industry, having a strong performance for its core models, Navara, Terra, and Urvan."

As a bit of a backgrounder, Hoyos joined Nissan back in 2017 as the Marketing Director of the Latin American region where he later became the General Manager of Global Engagement for the brand based in its global headquarters. He would later become the Division General Manager for Global Brand Execution and Engagement Division. Hoyos also brings with him experience from Renault and General Motors making him a more than worthy successor to Atsushi Najima.

Atsushi Najima will continue his career with Nissan Motors and will now be the Chief Financial Officer of Nissan India. Juan Hoyos will officially be inaugurated in April 2020 following Nissan Philippines Incorporated’s meeting with its board of directors. 

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