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Kia Philippines, via a zoom meeting with the media, announced its plans for 2021. The South Korean brand laid out its plan of attack for the year along with the announcement of a possible four new models to join its local lineup. It is important to note that Kia was specific in stating that only 2 out of the 4 models are for sure to launch within the year. The other two models will need certain market conditions to be met before they can launch in the country. That said, we suspect that the models that will launch in the country soon could be the all-new Kia Sorento and the Kia Carnival. The South Korean brand did specify in the meeting that the two other possible vehicles may not necessarily be volume drivers but will be vehicles that the public will want to get their hands on. 

The South Korean brand also stated its plans for 2021 in terms of sales growth and dealership expansion. For 2021 and the years to come Kia has set a goal for itself to get a 2% share in the local Philippine market. With this goal in mind, it plans to open up 5 new dealerships in the country with 2 being in Luzon, 2 being in the Visayas, and one being in Mindanao.

It also plans to bolster its parts catalog to further reinforce its volume driver models such as the Kia Soluto, Kia K2500, and the Kia Stonic. Through this process, the automaker has already widened its parts catalog to over 10,000 part numbers compared to last year’s 2,000. It also has plans to further train its frontline team to better serve its customers. Kia has also partnered with DHL to make its process of acquiring parts from its factories much easier. The brand has also tested the service and parts from abroad can get from the factory to the dealership within 7-days. 

As for its global rebranding, Kia Philippines states that it will be rolling it out slowly in the coming months to allow customers to get used to its new image. This is in part due to the automaker’s paradigm shift from being a value for money brand to a valuable brand for its customers.

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