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Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is issuing a recall for the Lexus NX 350 crossover. The model has two issues that need software updates to fix. TMP has published two notices, and both are software-related that involve the car’s safety features. 

Owners are advised to take their units to their Lexus dealer to resolve the issue. Again, the issues are software-related so the fix should be a quick one. 

The first notice that was published involves 17 units of the Lexus NX 350. Check if your unit was produced between November 15, 2021, to June 27, 2022. According to the recall, these units will need to have their skid control ECU reprogrammed. Lexus states that there is a chance that the skid control ECU detects a false signal or overcurrent from the electronic parking brake which could prevent the driver from engaging or disengaging the parking brake. This will illuminate a warning light on the dashboard as well. 

As for the second recall, Lexus Philippines is not fixing a problem, but rather enhancing one of the NX’s features, lane tracing assist. According to the notice, 62 units are being recalled to enhance the lane-tracing assist feature wherein the current settings will see the upper limit of the LTA steering angle being reached earlier than expected. In other words, the current settings are not as effective and customers will feel a reduced sense of lane centering with the feature turned on. Lexus' software update will reprogram the forward recognition camera in order to enhance the feature. As stated, the recall wasn’t issued to fix a problem, but rather to enhance the driving experience for customers, and it’s filed under Lexus’ customer satisfaction campaign. Units of the NX 350 produced between November 15, 2021, to June 6, 2022, are affected. 

If you’re the owner of one of the affected units, be sure to bring your vehicle over to Lexus Manila at Bonifacio Global City. There, the Lexus mechanics will address our issue for free. To check if your vehicle is one of the affected units, contact Lexus Manila. 

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