List: Car dealerships closed in Luzon amid COVID-19 pandemic

With transport lines shutting down for most workers, and mobility granted to only a select few pitching to combat COVID-19, several establishments and companies have shut their doors in order to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines set by the government. 

Among these establishments are car dealerships that have released memorandums to the public. Major brands are doing their part to keep most of their employees safe and at home, but at the same time balance between essential services for their clients. Starting as early as March 17, 2020, these brands will adhere to the enhanced quarantine guidelines by suspending its services, for the time being, these include unit, sales, releasing, and servicing depending on the brand. 

With these community quarantine guidelines in place, the team at AutoDeal remains committed to connecting potential buyers to sales agents and dealers. You may still get quotes through our network of partner agents to still create a seamless car buying experience even without having to go out of the comforts of your own home. 

PGA Cars COVID-19 Public Advisory

PGA Cars have issued a public advisory for the four brands under its roof. The company fully complies with the steps that need to be taken in order to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Showrooms, service centers, offices, and facilities will suspend operations until the government declares that the viral outbreak is minimized.

In cases of emergency with regard to their cars, however, their contact numbers remain open. 

BMW Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Metro Manila BMW dealerships will close their doors until further notice. Autoallee, MotorVentures, Premier Cars, and RSA Motors will all temporarily suspend operations. 

There are two dealerships that remain open located in Cebu and Negros Occidental, and these are Autowelt BMW, and Autobahn BMW, respectively, while the dealers mentioned are still reachable via phone. 

All Foton dealerships in Luzon will be closed, as will all Chery dealerships. United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI) is suspending operations in line with the enhanced quarantine measures set by the government. 

Chevrolet Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Authorized Chevrolet dealerships will follow the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon. These locations will remain closed until further notice.

The company’s customer care team is still reachable via telephone or e-mail.           

Ford Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

In compliance with the enhanced quarantine, all Ford dealerships will be closed until further notice commencing March 17, 2020. 

The company has since extended its hotline and email address to consumers with concerns. This means that the Blue Oval's Customer Relationship Center and e-mail will remain operational amidst the pandemic. 

Geely Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

The only Geely dealership in Luzon, which is located in Quezon City, will suspend operations until further notice. 

Subsequently, the brand is still open to communication via its customer care e-mail addresses. 

Honda Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

All Luzon Honda Cars dealerships will be temporarily closed until further notice. This will include service centers and offices. 

For any concerns regarding products and services, the brand is reachable on their official website. 

Isuzu Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

The Isuzu brand is suspending the operations of all its branches in Luzon and Metro Manila. Reopening is still undetermined as the company stated its doors will be closed until further notice to ensure the well-being and safety of all. 

Though, the company’s customer service email is still active for assistance. 

Kia Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Kia dealerships located in Luzon are closed until further notice in accordance with the enhanced community quarantine. 

The brand, managed under the Ayala Corporation, is still reachable via their customer care email, and road-side assistance hotline. 

Lexus Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

A public advisory from Lexus Manila, stated that its lone dealership in BGC will remain closed until further notice. 

The company will be able to take concerns via its email address. 

 Maxus Philippines COViD-19 Public Advisory

Another Ayala Corporation brand is suspending its operations until further notice. All Maxus dealerships in Luzon and Metro Manila are to be closed to follow the community quarantine guidelines set by the Philippine government. 

Consumers may still contact the brand via their customer care email or through their emergency roadside assistance hotline. 

Mazda Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

In accordance with the community quarantine guidelines, Mazda dealerships in Luzon will be closed until further notice. 

Customers and clients may still reach the brand remotely through its social media channels or its customer service email. The brand has also stated that it will be implementing a 30-day grace period for clients who are still under the Yojin3 program which necessitates adherence to the recommended PMS interval to remain enrolled in the program. 

Mercedes-Benz dealers, GlobalStar, CATS Motors, and Automotive Icon, Inc., are all adopting safety measures for the COVID-19 quarantine. Both CATS Motors and Automotive Icon, Inc., based in Luzon, will be closing their doors until further notice. Meanwhile, GlobalStar located in Cebu will adopt work hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, with the business closed on Sunday. 

MG Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), had announced that all MG dealerships in Luzon will be temporarily closed until further notice. Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) in affected dealerships will be rescheduled on a later date, while other dealers in Visayas and Mindanao remain fully operational but ready if anything more develops. 

The MG hotline remains open, and the brand is also reachable via the MG App for questions and concerns. 

Mitsubishi Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has announced that all its dealerships in Luzon and Metro Manila will be temporarily closed until April 12, 2020. 

For contact, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct will be open for communication with the brand. 

Nissan Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Doors will be closed all Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) dealerships, in the Luzon region until further notice. 

The brand’s Customer Assistance Center hotline is still active to assist, however, as are their social media accounts. 

SsangYong Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

Both Santa Rosa, and Otis Manila SsangYong dealerships will be closed indefinitely until the situation gets better. Service requirements will be addressed once operations have normalized, and the brand is offering a free PMS window for thirty days after the quarantine period in case some clients’ maintenance schedules came due during the quarantine period. 

Inquiries can be coursed through the telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. 

Toyota Philippines COVID-19 Public Advisory

With well-being in mind, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), is closing all of its dealerships in Luzon and Metro Manila until further notice. 

You may reach the brand through its customer assistance email. 

Volkswagen Philippines COViD-19 Public Advisory

The German brand is suspending dealership operations in Luzon and Metro Manila until further notice. 

You may still reach the brand through their customer care e-mail for other concerns and inquiries. Emergency roadside assistance will also be available during the quarantine period. 

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