Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

We all know that headlights play an important role when it comes to road safety. As such, your car’s headlights are the primary tool whenever you are driving at night.

With that in mind, Mercedes-Benz introduced a new technology dubbed as Digital Light. It is designed with an adaptive dazzle-free light beam and has the ability to project warning signs on the road.

The Digital Light tech features chips with over 1 million “micromirrors” on each side of the vehicle. It also has sensors, cameras, and radars in order to evaluate the data gathered.

The system can detect other motorists and adjusts the light beam distribution as necessary. With this, the Digital Light delivers optimum vision for the driver without dazzling/blinding other motorists. Of note, this specific tech is not that new because it is somehow similar to the adaptive headlight that’s fitted on a number of cars such as the Mazda CX-5.

However, Mercedes-Benz’s Digital Light comes with a nifty feature other than its adaptive dazzle-free light beam. It can project signs or direction arrows onto the road. To give you an idea, when the vehicle is approaching a stop sign at night, the system projects or displays an image.

It can also project light traces onto the road to replace missing road markings. Moreover, the Digital Light can emit a zebra crossing whenever the driver gives way and let pedestrians cross the street.

Mercedes-Benz has yet to announce when will this technology be put into production.

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