MG ZST Front Quarter

MG Philippines is proud to announce that it was able to achieve an all-time high sales achievement in 2021. The young brand in the country marked its big success in the previous year, with the fourth quarter netting the highest unit sales. 

The brand ended 2021 on a high note after being able to record over 2,000 unit sales in the last quarter of the year. That makes about a third of the total unit sales in one quarter alone. In comparison to its sales result in 2020, MG was able to grow its unit sales figures by up to 85% in 2021. Considering that MG Philippines, distributed by The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI), is only three years old at this point in time, a record like this for the young brand is monumental, and the brand is on a wave of success that it will definitely carry into 2022. 

MG notes that there are two standout sellers in the lineup, which include the likes of the MG 5 and the ever-popular and ever-present MG ZS. When the brand first launched three years ago, the MG ZS led the charge in making the MG name known throughout the land. It was MG’s best-selling model for quite some time, and it still is today thanks to its sub-million Peso price tag. 

The ZS couldn’t have come at a better time than it did as the market was itching for a new value-oriented crossover that had the space, practicality, and looks to make for a great daily driver. It’s no surprise that in 2021, 4,158 units of the MG ZS were moved from the dealerships and into the hands of customers. MG started out as a fledgling brand looking to make a name for itself then, but since its establishment, the ZS has become a household name. 

Then, it seems, MG carried that momentum into the hot subcompact sedan segment, where some of the giants in the industry like to assert their dominance. To combat some of the titans, MG fielded their ‘5’ sedan, another home-run in terms of value for money and arguably one of the best-looking models in the lineup. MG sold 2,013 units of the MG 5 sedan, making it the second best-selling model in the lineup. 

“MG Philippines entered 2021with optimism and excitement, fueled by the strong reception of the market and the confidence of our dealer network for the MG brand and its model offers. We approached 2021 confident that MG, with its strong British heritage and superior product portfolio, would resonate with an even wider Filipino audience considering the increasing mobility requirements brought about by the current circumstances.”

Now, the company is doubling down on the success of the ZS with the introduction of the ZS T earlier this year. The higher-end variant is the most exciting ZS to date with its turbocharged motor and its updated front fascia. It’s the first ZS to come with the turbocharged 1.3-liter engine from MG, and it’s also the first ZS to break the one-million Peso mark. 

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