Mazda Philippines Miata Cup 2018

One of the longest-running one-make race in the country, the Miata Cup, will be taking the heat to Batangas Racing Circuit for the next rounds of the series. The cup kicked off this April, wherein the first two rounds took place at the Clark International Speedway.

The MX-5 is indeed a sports car with proud identity of being a small Japanese roadster that turns heads whenever it drives by. Proof of this is when the MX-5 snags the 2017 Car of the Year award by an American website Aside from having the pride of being a sports car, we also saw how folks in Mazda turned the car into a friendly to people with disabilities.

For two decades, the Miata Cup continues to grant MX-5 owners get a taste of circuit racing, while developing their driving and racing skills. The cup run along with the Clubman Race Series that also takes place at Clark International Speedway and Batangas Racing Circuit.

“Our goal is to develop the driving and racing skills of MCP members. The series also goes hand in hand with Mazda’s Jinba Ittai philosophy as it aims to make the driver and his car operate as one on the race track. This has been in the DNA of the MX-5 ever since the open-top roadster was introduced in 1989. Every Mazda vehicle has since derived their fun-to-drive appeal from this philosophy.”

The Miata Cup is open to all Miata Club Philippines member, from a daily MX-5 driver to purpose-built race cars – all competing for one race. Racers may choose from five different classes where they could race all four generations of the Japanese roadster. These classes are based on lap time brackets, which drivers need to observe in able to collect points and take home the Miata Cup.

As for the rules, there will be no changes as Mazda Philippines will be keeping the same ones since the 2015 season. Tires are getting heated up this early, as the next rounds will be happening at the Batangas Racing Circuit on June 24 and August 19, 2018. However, the season finale is scheduled to take place at Clark International Speedway on November 25, 2018.

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