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Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) gives its website,, a make-over that’s well deserved. The company has been operating with its previous layout for more than five years now, and this new refresh seems to be a nod to the ever innovative spirit that the brand pioneers. 

A fresh coat of paint has been laid over the new layout, presenting more dynamic elements to present Honda’s shiniest models. Navigation is more or less the same, with the page’s menu bar up top giving users the whole map of the site’s content. By browsing the site’s headlining photo, one can see HCPI’s current promotions that are on offer to its customers. Scrolling down a little reveals the latest happenings with the Japanese brand. News and features about Honda’s latest models can be found on the second section. A small portion of the second section is dedicated to important news like airbag recalls and other items that are of importance to the customer. Highlighted in orange, the small bar catches the eye and delivers a sense of urgency. Like a check engine light in your gauge cluster, the section demands you look at it to err on the safe side. In the third section of the landing page you can take a look at the side profiles of Honda’s latest and greatest models. You can segregate these models according to the body style that you prefer, from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and Crossovers on offer and available for purchase from Honda dealers. 

The new site is a nice refresh from the previous incarnations. Modernized fonts and layouts as well as new scripts are being run on site, making the experience of browsing for your next Honda automobile much smoother and more intuitive. Where the old site was a little jarring to use at times, with hard links and transitions, the new site gives a more fluidic experience that is easy on the eyes. 

Although, a little critique of the site’s font size could be made, whereas the top menu bar needs to stand out more so that users can access the site’s features and information much faster. 

Of course we won’t spoil all the fun by telling you all about the new site. Feel free to visit Honda’s new site today if you are on the lookout for your next automobile. Also check out our brand’s page and new car guides for news and reviews on the latest models available in the Philippines today. 

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