Kalaw Ave., Roxas Boulevard

After removing the illegal vendors and terminals at the Baclaran area, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to hold another clearing operation along Roxas Boulevard service road. 

The MMDA will sweep the Roxas Boulevard service road starting from Vito Cruz all the way to T.M. Kalaw. The agency’s general manager Tim Orbos expressed that illegally parked vehicles along the said area would be towed by the MMDA. Stalls, obstructing posts, and unauthorized signages would also be pulled down.

Orbos added that this clearing operation will open up 4 lanes of the service road from Vito Cruz and T.M. Kalaw.  

Like what we did in Baclaran, we had informed them that the service road should be cleared of obstruction to allow the unhampered flow of traffic. They have no choice but to comply,” said Orbos.

It was in February when MMDA started to discuss clearing operations to various officials around Metro Manila. This was followed by the agency's efforts, such as the opening of the Scout Area bypass road connecting Quezon City and Makati as well as towing more than 300 vehicles off Q.C. area.

Photo courtesy of Judgefloro.

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