MMDA extends the suspension of the number coding scheme except for Makati

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recently announced that the number coding scheme is still suspended in Metro Manila. Makati City, however, was left exempted given the LGU’s own set of policies when it comes to number coding.

Number coding suspended

The continuous lift of the number coding scheme was announced by the MMDA last week. This was followed by the modified number coding scheme in Makati which resumed on May 15, 2021.

Makati coding scheme

Makati City’s modified number coding scheme follows the same coding format used by the MMDA in Metro Manila, the only difference is that the LGU exempts vehicles with two or more people from being apprehended. Aside from that, there are also certain type of vehicles that are exempted from Makati’s modified number coding scheme:

  • Motorcycles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire trucks
  • Police patrol
  • Military vehicles on official functions
  • Diplomatic vehicles with diplomatic plates
  • Government vehicles with government plates in official use
  • Official media vehicles with marking
  • Tow trucks accredited in Makati
  • Vehicles used by medical practitioners in an emergency 
  • Vehicles with Senior Citizen Blu Card holders

It is also worth noting that traffic could also be lighter in Metro Manila throughout the coming days, as the truck ban resumed last May 17, 2021. That means trucks are banned from traversing along major thoroughfares that are under the MMDA's jurisdiction, therefore giving more room for private cars on the road.

It has been over a year since the number coding scheme in Metro Manila has been suspended, and despite the recent shift of NCR Plus’ quarantine status to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions, the MMDA still proceeded on extending the number coding scheme. 

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