Just a gentle reminder from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) – persons with disabilities (PWDs) and senior citizens may apply for number coding exemptions. Coding window hours no longer exist. The MMDA made it clear in a statement released last month. There will be no more window hours and the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) will follow the number coding scheme from 7 am to 8 pm. Bong Nebrija, in a CNN interview, stated, “If you’re coding, it’s 7 am to 8 pm, you cannot bring out your car.” 

Although for seniors and PWDs, there is a small glimmer of hope. Since moving becomes much more difficult for these individuals, the MMDA is extending an opportunity to be exempted from the UVVRP.

However, there is a catch. Applications are open, yes, but requesting for exemption will prompt the MMDA to query the individuals based on some factors. 

One reason is whether the individual has different cars that they use or have access to. In the interview, Nebrija stated that the point of the UVVRP is to lessen the number of cars on the road. If an individual has four different cars that have four different coding days, then to get an exemption for all of them would be counterintuitive to the coding program. 

Other than that, if the PWD or senior has only one car or under certain circumstances, in need of an exemption, then the MMDA will extend the privilege. 

At least that’s the ideal situation. As it turns out, there are a few slowdowns when it comes to people getting their exemptions. Considering that there are many people who would like to get an exemption, the MMDA finds that their hands are full of requests and applications. 

According to an unnamed source, two months have passed, and their application has not been processed yet. Amidst this, however, it would still be good to try and apply, as it would prove invaluable especially since cars become more invaluable to individuals with limited energy or motility. 

There is another catch to this, though. Even when you do get exempted, you will still get flagged down by MMDA officers. As an exempt individual, just show your PWD or senior citizen card along with the document for the exemption. The document will have your vehicle information as well as the exemptee’s name. Produce these documents to the apprehending MMDA officer and he will let go you on your merry way. Another detail that we have to mention is that the exemption is only valid for one year. Renewal happens annually and, like our source mentioned, might experience slowdowns and delays. Ideally however, this could be temporary and motorists who are in need of this window of opportunity can utilize it, and move much easier around the Metro. 


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