Nissan Navara EnGuard concept

It seems that Nissan is preparing for the zombie apocalypse as they reveal the Navara EnGuard concept, a vehicle designed for rescue and recovery operations. The Japanese automaker described the concept as a “durable and tough all-terrain pick-up.”  

Compared to the standard Navara, the EnGuard concept features a beefed up exterior and performance upgrades in order to tackle the “world’s most harsh and extreme environments.” The overall ride height of the EnGuard concept has been raised by 50 mm for better ground clearance. It also has a skid plate, a snorkel, and molded side steps. The concept also comes with bespoke overfenders, which have been fitted to the front and rear wheel arches.

Other modifications include a redesigned front bumper and a tow ball, providing a towing capacity of 3,500 kg. The beefed up exterior is finished off with a set of 16-inch wheels wrapped in off-road tires.

The tailgate or the EnGuard’s bed is packed with rescue equipment, stored in 2 fiberglass trays that would be useful should the zombie apocalypse turned into a reality. The upper tray contains items such as 2-way radios, torches, fire extinguisher, ropes, climbing gear, a shovel, and an axe (the last couple of items could be your weapon of choice if the situation calls for it). On the other hand, the lower tray includes items such as oxygen tank, resuscitation kit, life jackets, and buoyancy aids.

Another highlight of the concept is the 2 prototype portable battery packs developed by Nissan. According to the automaker, when the vehicle is docked in place, the battery packs are constantly in ‘charge’ mode and uses the power generated by the diesel engine. Each battery is a 2 kW unit, stored inside a weather-proof machined aluminum housing.

In case you want to check if there are zombies around your vicinity, the EnGuard concept comes with a high-flying camera drone which has video and stills image capability. The drone feeds what it sees through a 20.5-inch HD screen, designed to display live-streaming video.

Powering the Navara EnGuard concept is the same 190-hp 2.3L twin-turbo diesel engine that’s mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

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