Off Road capability and steadfast reliability meet synchronized car dancing.

We all know about the capabilities and bulletproof reliability of the Nissan Patrol. Having endured years of abuse as official vehicles of organizations such as the United Nations and Red Cross, the Patrol has long been a choice for those who need to go the distance on any terrain. They also happen to be very good at dancing; synchronized car dancing.

The Nissan Patrol has broken a Guinness World Records title for the Largest Synchronized Car Dance. A total of 180 Nissan Patrols spanning many years and generations took part in a coordinated driving formation in the shape of a giant desert falcon. The previous record was set at 36 cars, with Nissan having five times the participants. The record was set under the eyes of Guinness World Records staff at Dubai Rugby 7 stadium, with tape laying out a general guide for the Nissan Patrols to follow. Led by international racing driver Axcil Jefferies, two concentric lines of Patrols drove in opposite directions totalling a distance of 1,476 meters. The total shape formed by the participating vehicles measured 176.5 meters by 225 meters.

This happens to be the third time that the Nissan Patrol has broken a Guinness World Records title. The second being when the Patrol breaking the record for the fastest ascent of a 100 meter sand dune in September, 2015.

While the first was in August, 2013 wherein the Patrol successfully towed the world’s heaviest aircraft for more than 50 meters.

The Nissan Patrol is a very popular vehicle in the Middle East, with the entire Patrol range increasing in sales every year (11.4% in 2016 to 2017), and market share increasing by 167% since 2011, making it the number one full-size SUV in the Middle East. No small feat, in sales and in world records.

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