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Nissan Philippines, the creators of the popular Nissan Navara and Nissan Terra have partnered together with the Department of Tourism for something special. Both the Japanese brand and the government department are working together to promote safe and responsible travel under the new normal. Under the new Safe Trips Campaign, both entities will develop educational and promotional content for social media on how to travel safely and responsibly. The content will also include tips for land travel under the new normal, social distancing guidelines, health protocols for visiting specific destinations, and updates on the latest spots that have been reopened for tourism. 

Nissan x DOT

The tourism industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic. The tourism industry was also greatly affected by the implementation of stricter travel restrictions. While these were put into place for the health and safety of all it did affect businesses who relied on tourism. In the case of the Philippines tourism accounts for 13% of the economy which is a considerable amount of income for the country.

Further driving home the point that tourism could greatly aid the country in its recovery was a survey conducted by the DOT. The results showed that domestic leisure travel will be the main driver for the recovery of the tourism industry in the Philippines. With the implementation of health and safety protocols, road trips via private vehicles were found to be the best method for domestic travel under the new normal.

Nissan’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by making their journeys safe, smart, and fun. We want to promote safe and responsible travel with our innovative and dependable vehicles, so that our customers can enjoy adventures with family and friends. Tourism has become a passion for Nissan in the Philippines over the years, which is why we are truly excited to partner with the Department of Tourism to promote the tourism sector towards its recovery.

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