Nissan e-POWER

The e-POWER system was adapted from the existing EV technology present in the pure electric Nissan LEAF. However, e-POWER incorporates a small gasoline engine which charges the high-output battery if needed. This negates the need for externally charging it while maintaining the same high-output. 

Even more, the system features a full electric-motor drive. This feature allows the wheels to be spun completely by the electric motor in the e-POWER. The process is attained by delivering the power from the high-output battery to its compact powertrain integrated with the gasoline engine, power generator, inverter, and a motor.

In conventional hybrid cars, the wheels are driven by the electric motor paired to the gasoline engine after losing the battery’s life. However, the gasoline engine integrated in the e-POWER system is not for spinning the wheels; it only charges the battery when it goes low. Moreover, unlike the full EV, the e-POWER’s power source doesn't just originate from the battery, but also from the engine. 

Nissan claims that the e-POWER delivers massive torque, which enhances drive response and smooth acceleration. While having said this, it still catches up with leading conventional hybrids in terms of fuel efficiency.

Nissan is focused into developing electric-powered powertrains as it commits to produce even more innovative new products and promote worldwide use of EVs.

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