Nissan's new Sylphy Transformation promo could win you a brand new car

Although unknown to most, the Sylphy is in fact the rightful successor to the Sentra's bloodline. And no one wants to get that message across more than Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI). That's why they've come up with a contest where you could win of all things, a Sylphy.

Yes, they really are giving away a brand new car so listen up.

The Sentra first made it into the Philippines some 30 odd years ago. It spurred several special versions, including odd spin-offs such as the Ad Resort and California, and enjoyed a fruitful life that spanned 5 generations. Then came an all-new model in 2013 called the Sylphy that, despite being a great 4-door sedan, had very little brand recall to the trusted Sentra.

NPI, however, wanted to make a connection on how the Sentra graciously transformed into the Sylphy and reward one (1) lucky winner with a brand new car. And they're doing so with the help of your selfies... because it sounds like 'Sylphy'. Get it?

“Most Filipinos grew up with the Sentra badge and what we now want them to realize is that, like them, the Sentra also grew up,” said SJ Huh, NPI General Manager for Marketing. “The new Nissan Sylphy brings a fresher, more modern design to the beloved Sentra, and takes it a notch higher by offering more for its class in terms of space, power, and driving pleasure.” 

To join the 'Nissan Sylphy Transformation' promo, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit the Nissan Philippines Inc. Facebook page and click on the Nissan Sylphy Transformation app.
  2. Upload an OLD PHOTO that best represents your old self.
  3. Upload a NEW PHOTO that best represents your new self.
  4. Post & Share and see a composite of the 2 images.


Judging will then be based on the Number of Votes (20%) and Degree of Transformation from old to new (80%), with the deadline of submission on October 31, 2015. After which, the Top 20 finalists must send in a 30 to 60 sec video describing their transformation and why they deserve to win a brand new Nissan Sylphy.

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