2017 nissan xtrail

The Nissan X-trail has been around in the automotive market since 2013 and as such is a prime candidate for a major redesign. The Japanese brand has already made plans for this with a patented design already making its ways around the internet. Nissan’s original plan for the all-new 2021 Rouge (X-trail in the Philippines) was to release it during the fall of 2020 but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was anyone’s guess if it would pull through due to factory shutdowns.

Nissan has cleared the air and has stated that the release of the all-new Rogue (X-trail) will pull through as scheduled. While it's a reassurance that the vehicle will make its debut towards the second half 2020 the Japanese brand has yet to release information as to when exactly and how they will be introducing the all-new crossover to the automotive market.

With the end of the pandemic still on the horizon, signs point to Nissan opting for an online reveal. It could also be in the same manner as to how Hyundai released its 2021 Elantra with a quick live stream launch event and with press kits at the ready upon launch.

2017 nissan x-trail rear

The redesigned vehicle will hit the US market first with the production of the X-trail starting in May. However, this has been delayed until after summer in order to give the facilities time to reopen and be ready for production. Originally the new Rogue (X-trail) was supposed to be debuted at the 2020 New York Auto Show but since it has been rescheduled to August the Japanese brand has decided to launch it on its own. The current venue for the Auto show is currently being used as a field hospital and as such the tentative August rescheduling of the show might be a hard possibility.

There is no official word yet if Nissan Philippines will be bringing in the all-new model of the X-trail into the country. For now, however, we will just have to wait for its launch but we will update you as more information comes in.

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