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Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is on a mission to create a zero-fatality society. The brand recently conducted a Road Safety Advocacy event for corporate customers in the Philippines, which held lectures and practical driving exercises as well as a visit from a government spokesperson as a guest speaker. 

Attendees of the event learned about proper vehicle handling, road courtesy, situational awareness, knowledge fo local traffic rules road signs, and basic vehicle knowledge. All of these topics are key and vital to safety on the road, as driving a car is a responsibility that affects the motorists and all other individuals around them. 

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Assistant Secretary and spokesperson, Celine Pialogo was at the event as a guest speaker. A short talk was held that covered the topics of government programs on traffic discipline and safety. A question-and-answer segment was held right after the short speech to address any inquiries, concerns, or confusions that the attendees may have had going into the program. 

For Nissan, road safety is part of the company’s vision of a society with virtually zero fatalities in avoidable traffic accidents. Since 2016, this Road Safety Advocacy program has been held with support from Nissan Philippines’ dealers and is continuing strong after its 3rd year. 

In attendance was also Nissan Philippines’ president, Atsushi Najima, the president and managing director for the brand in the country. During the event he had this to say: 

Nissan’s zero fatality mindset is an important part of our mission to enrich people’s lives and the way we do business with our customers. Road safety is a guiding principle in developing Nissan Intelligent Mobility features in our products, and it is also a way for us to engage communities through events like this.

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