NLEX Mindanao Avenue

Drivers and commuters going through Mindanao Avenue will be pleased to hear that the NLEX corporation has just announced plans to develop a 2-kilometer expressway section between Mindanao Avenue and Quirino Highway. 

The project will cost a grand total of P2 billion. The project will help reduce traffic going into the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). It’s well known that the toll plaza, particularly the ones in Balintawak and Mindanao avenue is susceptible to congestion due to high amounts of traffic. This project will at least help alleviate the pressure off at least one plaza once completed. 

Expected to commence in the second half of 2021, the expressway section will be part of the 11.5-kilometer NLEX C5 Link, covering Mindanao Avenue, Quirino Highway, Regalado Avenue, Congressional Avenue, and C.P. Garcia Avenue in Quezon City. 

Class 1 vehicles are sure to be admitted, and so will commercial vehicles that fall in the other classes, namely 2 and 3, traveling between Manila City and Navotas City. 

“The construction of this new P2-billion expressway section will be welcome news for NLEX commuters who currently face daily traffic gridlock in the congested portions of Mindanao Avenue. Eventually, this section will be integrated into the future NLEX expansion to C5 and C.P. Garcia near Katipunan Avenue. We foresee an interconnected tollway network that will be accessible to the west, east, north, and south sides of Metro Manila.”

The new segment, as claimed, will cut down the travel time from Mindanao Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue to just 10 minutes. It is known, that there are only a few links going into the northern highway from the Metro. Creating one more section could ease the traffic situation, allowing motorists to more easily access the highway, or get back into the city easier. Either way, the construction will commence, soon, with a completion date still up in the air. 

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