In a Facebook post dated January 4, 2021, Danny Lim, the chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that the number coding scheme is still suspended until further notice for 2021. Under the caption “Drive safely and continue to follow minimum health standards when going outside,” the announcement also further emphasizes that for commuters, health and safety protocols still should be followed as the pandemic is still ongoing and public transportation still continues to be limited.

MMDA coding advisory

It is important to remember that the government agency initially suspended the coding scheme otherwise known as the vehicular volume reduction program last year at the start of the pandemic as a precautionary measure. This was done during the quarantine and was initially meant to help frontline workers to get where they need to be and to help with transportation needs as soon as the restrictions loosened up. However, since then public transportation has already made a slow comeback as buses, jeepneys, as well as the MRT and LRT, have begun to resume their operations at limited capacity. Despite this, the coding scheme will still remain suspended according to the government agency until further announcements have been made or if more solutions to address the need for public transportation has been found.

Another bit of information to take note of is that the MMDA did not mention specific details as to if the suspension of the coding scheme will be affecting the entirety of Metro Manila or if certain areas such as Makati City will still have coding implemented. As no information is yet available, we suggest that you err on the side of caution and assume that areas like Makati will still have coding implemented. We will keep you updated when more information gets released by the government agency in the coming days with regards to the matter.

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