Brand and name recall play a big role in extending the lifespan of an icon

According to a report from, it looks like the 370Z nameplate is here to stay, at least that’s what Nissan in North America is saying. Despite being 5 years since its refresh in 2013, Nissan’s 6th generation Z car has always had a place in Nissan showrooms everywhere (except the Philippines). In North America alone, 4,614 units were sold and in the hands of customers in 2017.

Things are getting more difficult for the 370Z, with other manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge, ramping up their game each year by adding more horsepower and technology to their lineup of fast cars. 2017 North American sales figures don’t lie, as Dodge sold around 64,000 Challengers, Chevrolet was second at 68,000 Camaros, and Ford at a whopping 82,000 Mustangs.

How will the latest Z car keep up? Despite the 370Z being such a low volume seller, Michael Bunce, Vice President of Product Planning at Nissan North America, Inc. said, “It’s always been part of Nissan heritage, and I think it’s fair to say, even if you’re not a car enthusiast and you mention 240 or 370, most people would say ‘Nissan’ or ‘Datsun’ right after that.”

There’s unfortunately no solid details on the next-generation Z-car from Nissan, but Bunce had this to say, “One thing we’ve noticed is you don’t need to be necessarily hyper-economical, either. It doesn’t need to be twenty-three-or-four-thousand [dollars], and the last thing you want to do is make an emotional purchase like this and then be let down by the performance. We know that any investment you make in Z does have a payback in terms of its impact to our brand,” acknowledged Bunce. “The car is an important asset and it’s not going anywhere,” he added.

Could things be pointing towards a more aspirational Z-car in the future? One that won’t be about price, but about performance and technology?


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