Imagination could produce random ideas. This statement holds true for Swedish auto manufacturer Rinspeed as they introduce the Oasis concept. Aside from featuring a futuristic exterior, the Oasis comes with a built-in garden. Yes, you got that right – a garden.

The Oasis concept is a self-driving all-electric car that gives us a glimpse of what future cars might look like. The exterior is fitted with large windows and a design that’s rather new as compared to the cars we know of today. While you may find the exterior appealing, the highlight of this concept car lies inside.

The Oasis is integrated with a small garden that’s placed behind the windshield. According to Rinspeed, the built-in garden has enough space to grow plants such as radishes or Bonsai trees. Rinspeed says the small garden enables the car to create a new living space.

Aside from the built-in garden, it has a slightly curved 5K widescreen display with voice- or gesture-control. What’s more interesting about this concept is that when the driver activates the autonomous drive feature, the steering wheel can fold flat and turn into a keyboard. With this, the car becomes an extension of the office and the driver could do some work-related stuffs while the Oasis drives by itself.

Moreover, the windshield serves as a giant display for virtual and augmented reality when the autonomous drive mode is activated. If the driver wish to deactivate the autonomous feature, he/she should first pass the Oasis’ automatically administered fitness and alertness test.

Sound futuristic enough for you? The Rinspeed Oasis concept will make its debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

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