Shelby superchargers and kits ewill be available under the Autohub group soon.

While the Ford Mustang is already a bucking wild stallion with a great motor and great features, enthusiasts know of a name that will make lesser pony cars tremble in fear. A Shelby is a different beast, and if you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own Shelby, that’ll be a tall order, but you can come quite close to the experience thanks to the Autohub group's efforts to bring in Shelby performance parts and kits to Mustang owners in the Philippines.     

A soft launch is to be held next week according to our source. The images come from Ford Global City's Instagram page and showcase several Shelby catalog performance parts, as well as a few closeups of a supercharger and what looks like an upgraded coolant reservoir. Also found in the first photo are several pictures of the Shelby Super Snake and GT350. While it may be wishful thinking, but do these photos signal anything? Perhaps a launch or a small batch of orders in the pipeline? 

Ford Shelby Performance Autohub

Dissecting the first photo, we see a big brake kit, the Super Snake interior, as well as a few exterior shots of what appears to be a Shelby GT. It wouldn't be too adventurous to guess that Autohub plans to also bring some dress-up parts for current-generation Mustangs.  Perhaps interior parts are also part of the distributorship. What we would like to see is the big brake kit along with aluminum alloy wheels on offer from Shelby, a good set of which can cost you over P100,000 for a set of 4. 

Autohub could also bring in Shelby's body kits. On the brand's site, a Mustang widebody kit is listed at $6,000, which is about P300,000. The Brembo GT-series big brake kit goes for about $4,200 for the rear, and a hair under $3,900 for the front kit; both pairs will cost you more than P400,000. These items make the supercharger coolant reservoir tank look like a steal at a hair under $320, or about P16,000. 

Ford Shelby Performance Supercharger

The next photo showcases the top of the engine. While it doesn't show the block, you can find the absolutely massive supercharger connected to a humongous throttle body and an expansive intake tube and filter. Adding that you can also find an upgraded coolant reservoir with the Shelby logo on full display. The supercharger kit will come from Shelby American, which is co-branded with Whipple, a company that is famed for creating some of the best twin-screen blowers in the business. In the United States, the kit will cost you about $9,650, or P482,500, if you're looking at the most expensive option, which could mean that this alone would be enough to cover the cost of a small car, but for high performance, the price of admission may just be worth it because Shelby touts it can reach up to 800 hp or more once installed. 

It's pretty staggering how much these parts actually cost. The entire package could boggle your mind, and after combing the entire site, to turn a Mustang into a full-on Shelby catalog build while factoring possible installation costs and shipping costs, you'd have to put about the price of a Mustang EcoBoost on top of your current car, if not more – and at P2,838,000, that's a tall order. We don't even know if Autohub will be bringing in crate engines, which can cost up to $46,000, or P2,300,000, and one can only imagine how high the shipping costs of that will be. 

It will be interesting to see just how many Shelby American parts Autohub will bring in. Considering the number of Mustang owners in the country, and the heritage that Shelby has for tuning Ford cars, it could be a match made in heaven in the Philippines. A soft launch will be held for the brand and eager Mustang owners with the cash to buy these high-performance parts should definitely take a look. From the smaller bits to the large high-performance items, there's quite a lot of kit to choose from if our hunch is correct. 

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