Tesla Model Y

Tesla is unveiling its Model Y this March 14, 2019. A baby brother to the Model X, and a taller car than the Model 3, the Y will be an all electric crossover for everyone. 

Tesla, is a pioneer. What more can we say? Debuting 3 models that have risen to cult status in its short yet storied history, the electric car brand has set the whole industry on fire by introducing electric cars that grab headlines all around the world. We don’t think EVs are going anytime soon. From updates to the Nissan Leaf, to the reveals of some of the fastest electric supercars in the world in the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, EVs seem to be a hot topic among manufacturers. With almost all brands showcasing a hybrid or fully electric video in their lineup. 

Tesla’s three models are all great cars, as reviewed by automotive journalists overseas (Please, Tesla come to the Philippines). The Model S is the first mainstream car of the electrifying brand. Under that is the smaller and more affordable Model 3. The biggest model, the Model X is an all electric SUV that refuses to tip over, both figuratively in terms of popularity, and literally in terms of rollover tests. 

Tesla’s lineup is missing the takedown model to the Model X however. Their current line up will be updated, as the S, the 3, the X, will have another addition to the family of Tesla vehicles. The model is slated to be the takedown model to the X, a smaller and more compact all electric SUV. The new model, dubbed the Y will slot behind the X. Soon you may be able to check Tesla’s site so you may view the entire lineup which will now consist of the S, the 3, the X, and the Y. 

Get it yet? Jokes aside, let’s move on to the car. The Model Y will be based on the current Model 3 platform. Seventy five percent of the parts on the three will be shared with the Y. The Y will be ten percent bigger than the 3 and will cost you around 10 percent more as well. Since this is a takedown model, we are sorry to announce that there will be no ‘falcon doors’ on the Y. 

There is no word yet on specs of the new model, but if the ten percent estimate is correct, then that means that the Model Y will be in the ballpark of around $40,000. In the near future we may be able to see more of these electric vehicles running quietly alongside us in traffic. Some manufacturers have already made moves to prepare the Philippines for the eventual EV take over. Hopefully Tesla comes to the Philippines to penetrate the market with its “S3XY” lineup of cars.

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