honda tokyo motor show 2017

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show is just around the corner (less than 4 weeks to be exact) and among the brands that can’t keep their lineup a secret is Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The Japanese automaker revealed their key highight at the show, particularly an all-new sports car concept.

The new car is called the Honda Sports EV Concept — yes, ‘EV’ because it will be an electric vehicle that combines electrified performance and artificial intelligence. There’s not much info about the new sports car concept, except that it will share platform with the previously-revealed Urban EV Concept.

Honda describes the Sports EV Concept as having an “unforgettable silhouette and friendly front fascia that naturally blends into any lifestyle.” Whatever that means is something we’ll have to watch out at the motor show. They also said that its “supple surfaces make it a next-generation sports car that brings joy and emotional attachment in ownership.” Let’s leave at that, shall we?

The other 3 cars that will highlight Honda’s booth at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show are sort-of nothing new to the world. The Urban EV Concept, which is kind of a throwback to a 1973 Honda Civic, will make its Japan premiere after it was revealed in Germany last month.

The Honda NeuV, on the other hand, was unveiled early this year at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s an electric vehicle integrated with AI capabilities that understands the driver’s emotions and stress level. We heard it can also give the driver a back massage and free sushi. Just kidding.

The 3rd car will be the all-new CR-V, making its premiere at the Land of the Rising Sun. We all know it already made its debut here in the Philippines, with the first diesel units already on their way to their happy owners.

Another key highlight of the Honda booth is the Honda Riding Assist-e motorcycle. Its initial prototype was revealed with the NeuV in Las Vegas, but it looks like it made its way to a better concept model. Its talent? Aside from being all-electric, it can balance on its own at very low speeds to reduce rider load. Wow.

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