Volkswagen Golf R in 40 colors

A car company offering more than 20 colors for a single model might sound a little crazy. It’s an unusual setting but that won’t stop Volkswagen of America (VWoA) from making the 2019 Golf look good. Not just 20, but 40 different color finishes are being offered for the hot hatch and we can’t decide what to get (if we ever are going to). 

This move reminds us of the man who currently has over a hundred VW Golfs in his warehouse-garage. Makes us wonder, would he buy all 40 colors of the same car? Maybe? Just maybe. 

The 40 colors of the 2019 Golf R are part of the German marque’s Spektrum Program. Now, customers won’t feel boxed with the existing five colors options for the hatch, just add P133,573 ($2,500) and you’ve got yourself a Golf R that stands out.

This gimmick is made possible with VWoA’s collaboration with Volkswagen Canada. Among the new colors are the Viper Green Metallic featured on the Lamborghini Huracan, Deep Blue Pearl from the Golf Mk 4 and Mk 5 R32, Ginster Yellow from the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI, and Mars Red that was pulled from the Mk 1 GTI. 

So, how is Volkswagen going to do it? Through the help of a builder tool, which will soon be added on their official website, potential buyers may test the new color range on the 2019 Golf R. There’d also be a 360-degree colorizer for that 3D, almost-showroom feel so that customers may view it from any angles. There will also be a color sample cards on paint shop quality so visiting customers could tell which color they like to be painted on their Golf R.

After an order has been placed, VWoA will start working on with the car with an expected build and delivery time of two to four months. What else would you ask for? In just 16 weeks, you may have your distinct 2019 Golf R. We hope it’s the same case here in the Philippines if it will ever be similarly offered here – who knows, right?

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