Ford Robutt

Ever imagined a world with humans and artificial intelligent robots live alongside one another? There may be a possibility to that in a distant future, but this article isn’t about that. Nope, this is not your typical walking robot with monotone voice. This is about Ford's Robutt — a robot testing machine that tests (as its name hints) car seats. 

Go ahead and giggle about the name, but Robutt does the job any human might find hard to do. What is it, you ask? The robot only sits 25,000 times per test seat. That simulates 10 years of sitting in and out of your car, like "heck, yeah, beat that human"-plenty of sitting and standing. 

If you think that’s easy, well, it takes about 3 weeks for Robutt to complete the testing. So, you were saying?

Furthermore, the test isn't just for seeing whether the seat would last that long or not. Comfort is also measured using the metallic butt by detecting the deflection and softness of the seat. All the data is analyzed so that every Ford car is ensured to provide drivers and their passengers the comfort they deserve.  

Watch Ford Europe's video below to see more about the cheeky Robutt robot. (We hope office seats are made in the same manner, too.)

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