toto car key chime music

“Africa” by Toto — if there’s a Grammy award for the “Best Internet Meme Song of the Year,” this song would be the runaway winner for 2017, and could probably be the same for this year. This ‘80s hit is all over the internet, which people from all ages seem to enjoy.

We don’t really know how the craze started but it just happened. I, for one, do enjoy the tune myself even before it became an Internet star. It’s my shower song and one of my stuck-in-traffic playlist. Trust me, try it. You’ll feel so blessed as the water from the shower touches your body while Toto sings “I bless the rains down in Africa.”

However, my addiction to Africa isn’t as intense as this guy on the video below. So much so, that he replaced his Volvo 240’s key chime music with the 8-bit version of this song from the American rock band. Watch.

Nice. What a great way to start a car. Now, excuse me as I go to the car shop.

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