Kin Cobra found in a minivan in China

If you're having a very bad day today due to being stuck in an early morning heavy traffic jam, pray that you don't hear a hiss inside your car. Well, you're lucky you're not this guy from China who found a 9-foot King Cobra on the dashboard of his minivan. 

Of all the bad things that could happen, the worst took place to this poor man. He found a snake on his dashboard after coming back from the market. From on top of the dash, the snake crawled inside and the police had to use special tongs to take it out. When pulled out, it revealed its massive swirling body measuring 9 feet.

We could only imagine a snake inside the car for us to freak out – what more if it's a venomous cobra that’s even taller than Yao Ming? The snake was then returned to its local wildlife after it has been taken off the car. We wonder, had it been there the whole time, even before the owner of the car went to the market? We cringe. 

How about you, would you survive a sight of a snake—say, a 9-foot long King Cobra—on your dashboard? Would you still live another day to drive your car? Here, watch the video below.

Source: CNN

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