Kia Soluto Variant Comparison Guide

When you shop at an entry-level price point you often have to make a few compromises here and there like the seat quality, the infotainment system, and even the engine in terms of displacement and power. With the Kia Soluto though, for its class, it’s capable, well-equipped, and has a good set of standard features that almost anyone can appreciate, and all of that for an affordable price tag. 

The next question is, what price is a good price for this model? Kia has variants that serve different price points with different features, so which variant will be best for you? Let’s dive in and see. As with all our Variant Comparison Guides, we like to mention that it is important to buy what you want, but it is more important to buy what you like. With that being said, let’s get on with it. 

Usually, when you opt for a base trim of a certain car, you are greeted with a tortured infotainment system with no backup camera, no Android Auto, no Apple Carplay, and definitely no an old school LCD calculator display. Kia said, to heck with that, and slapped a very capable unit on the Soluto’s dashboard. The unit we’re talking about comes at 7 inches, outputs to a 6-speaker audio system, and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On top of that, you get a 2.8-inch LCD driving display nestled in the center of the gauge cluster. Also flanking one side of the steering wheel is a set of audio controls, which make turning up the volume or switching tracks a breeze. 

Kia Soluto 1.4-liter engine

Also standard throughout the lineup is a 1.4-liter gasoline motor that produces 94 hp and 132 Nm of torque. This powerplant is a far cry for other rivals in the price segment that come with lower displacements and even 3-cylinder motors. All of this comes at a price that starts at just P665,000 for the manual and P710,000 for the automatic. Also, standard safety kit across the entire lineup is adequate for the car, with dual front airbags, ABS, and ISOFIX child seat anchors, oh and we cannot forget that rather long warranty of 5-years or 160,000 km. 

The base variants in the Soluto lineup is called the LX, and both models have automatic and manual transmissions. Opting for the manual gets you a 5-speed gearbox while springing for the auto will give you a traditional 4-speed unit. Either seems like a good value if you ask us. There is a noticeable price gap between the two models P55,000, which means that moving up to an automatic will cost you that much. 

So the next family of variants in the Soluto lineup is dubbed EX. Starting where the LX variants left off priced at P710,000 for the manual EX and, tops off at P755,000 for tha automatic EX. These top-spec trims also come with either manual or automatic transmissions, but with some notable additions. Instead of the 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps found on the LX trim, you get 14-inch alloy wheels, which is a nice upgrade from the more basic steel set. You also get foglights that add to the lighting capabilities of the front end. On the side, you get LED repeaters on the side mirrors which contrast the LX’s halogen affair. 

Another feature that these variants have over the LX is parking sensors in the rear. Having a backup camera is fine, but backup sensors are that extra failsafe to keep you from backing up into a wall or another car. Apart from that, you also get a nicer interior with faux leather upholstery, which is had in a 2-tone color scheme. It’s a marked difference over the cloth, but it isn’t really a deal maker in our opinion. You also get an engine immobilizer on this variant for added peace of mind. 

Like the LX, there are two models in the EX family, one with a manual and one with an auto. The price difference between the two is just P45,000, which is a shorter gap compared to the LX trims. 

So the jury is out, and we feel that the Kia Soluto is one of the better buys for its price category and segment. It’s reasonably priced and has a lot of kit that is going for it. There are two winners that we will crown among the four, and that’s our value winner and our overall winner. 

Kia Soluto EX White Philippines Rear quarter

For our value runner up, we will have to give it to the Kia Soluto LX AT, and why wouldn’t we? It’s an automatic sedan with a large trunk, good amounts of space, a spritely 1.4-liter engine, and it has an infotainment system that trumps a lot of other cars in its class. 

Kia Soluto EX White Philippines front quarter

For our overall winner, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. You can get a lot of value out of the Kia Soluto EX AT, which is an easy recommendation to make if you’re in the market for a car of this class. From the leather seats to the proximity sensors and the fog lamps, it’s a fair value for just P45,000 more than the automatic LX. 

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