Toyota Corolla Altis X

Toyota has introduced a sportier Corolla Altis in Taiwan. Dubbed as the Corolla Altis X, it features design revisions on the vehicle’s exterior and interior. 

For the Corolla Altis X, it's the obvious that greets your eyes. Toyota’s compact sedan sports a newly-designed front bumper that is far more aggressive compared to the regular Altis. Of note, the front features a large shield-shaped grille that now touches the tip of Toyota's emblem. Other added features are the rear underbody spoiler, side skirts, spoiler, and a set of 17-inch 2-tone alloy wheels.

Wait until you get inside the 'X,' as its interior boosts sporty ambiance with its red and black color theme. This layout is accentuated with red trims and decorative panels that gives the car some sense of fashion. Aside from these, the black leather seats call attention with the red stitching.

A fleet of safety features has also been integrated in the Corolla Altis X. This includes the tracking anti-skid control system (TRC), blind spot detection alarm system (BSM), and 6 airbags.

It is powered by a 1.8L gasoline engine that put outs 140 hp and 173 Nm of torque. The said engine is then mated to a CVT-i transmission. This displacement sits in between the locally available 1.6- and 2.0-liter engines powering the current Altis.

Will the Philippines have it? As of writing, Toyota Motor Philippines has yet to confirm regarding the possibility of an 'X' Corolla Altis for the local market.

To see the Corolla Altis X in motion, check out the video below.

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