2019 Ford Ranger XLT Interior and Cargo Space

I’d say today’s generation, myself included, is blessed with fast advancements in technology. Life has gotten easier, lighter, and we should all be thankful for it. I know I am; I’m thankful for the car-like cabin of modern-day pickup trucks as much as I’m thankful for the availability of the internet. Call it an exaggeration, but if you take a look at how pickup truck interiors looked like back then, comfort was not part of the concept.

You’ve seen the interior of the single-turbo and Wildtrak Biturbo variants, but now it’s time for the 2019 Ford Ranger XLT AT. Let’s see if opting for a mid-variant in Ford Philippines’ current Ranger lineup is worth it by taking a closer look at its interior and cargo capacity.

First things first, the evidence of the 2019 Ranger XLT AT being the mid-level variant can be easily seen on the dashboard. I’m sure you won’t need an extra pair of eyes to notice the changes, such as the dashboard plastic ornament, coin storage on top of the head unit, and the multimedia display itself.

The plastic slab on the dashboard is matte metallic silver, wherein Wildtrak variants have glossy dark grayish paint. The multimedia head unit is a 4.2-inch TFT display with SYNC 1.1 system. I know it’s not a touchscreen and the SYNC system is a little outdated compared to the Wildtrak’s SYNC 3, but functionality-wise, I was impressed. There were no hassles connecting my phone to the car’s system and the controls were simple.

When it comes to comfort, leather is not usually the material that brands go for when it comes to lower-end variants. So, don’t expect your bum to be pampered by the smooth surface of the leather. Rather, the seats are clothed with fabric. In my opinion, fabric is the way to go because it does not get hot as much as leather when parked under broad daylight. Fabric also holds your body well due to the friction between your clothes and the upholstery.

The 2019 Ranger XLT’s cabin is roomy. However, this area is relative to an observant’s height. I stand 5’4” and I find completely no compromise in snuggling into any seat; I can even slouch in the rear seat. Now, shoulder room at the back is good but, again, relative to my size. Taller and bigger passengers might have to squeeze a bit to fit.  

Moving on, I find the bed considerably huge. Its length spans out to the size of an unfolded hospital bed. Why am I comparing it to a hospital cot? It’s because I was able to load one. Now, if I’m not mistaken, the Ranger’s bed is 1,847 mm in overall length, 1,549 mm if measure within the inside walls. The hospital cot must be around that size, 2,000 mm at least, but I was able to easily lock it in place using the built-in wheel locks. There were two guys securing it in place, which is roughly 180-kg added weight.

2019 Ford Ranger XLT Rear

If you caught our old article about pickup truck wars, you probably have seen how much beer kegs and rice sacks these trucks can carry. It says there that the Ranger can carry up to 1,121 kg of cargo. Correct me if I’m wrong, a standard hospital cot with reclining mechanism weighs around 400 kg. That, plus 180 kg (from the two people), is just half of what the Ranger can actually carry in terms of weight. In terms of area, however, the hospital cot occupies three-fourths of the total inside width of the pickup bed. There you have it, you can load an unfolded hospital bed on the back of the Ranger and everything would be just fine. Versatile, indeed.



2.2 L

Fuel Type



158 hp @ 3,200 rpm




Name Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT 4x2 AT
Body Type Pickup Truck
Price ₱1,330,000
Transmission Category Automatic



Economy & Environment


Safety & Security




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