2021 Toyota Wigo review

When it comes to small hatchbacks in the Philippines the Toyota Wigo is one of the more popular models out there. It gives prospective buyers compact mobility at an affordable price. When it comes to looks the new 2021 Toyota Wigo TRD S is certainly a looker as its 3rd facelift has given the small hatchback a more aggressive face. On top of that Toyota Philippines has also added more features to the Wigo to help give it an edge over its competitors. With that said, on to the review.

3.8 / 5
2021 Toyota Wigo TRD S Review
Engine Output (HP), Acceleration, Transmission, Handling
Exterior & Interior Design, Quality, Fit and Finish, Ergonomics
Ride Comfort
Cabin Comfort, Suspension, NVH Insulation
Safety and Technology
Convenience Technologies, Active and Passive Safety Features
Value for Money
Amount of the vehicle you get for the price, Fuel Efficiency
What You Will Like
  • Fuel efficient 1.0-liter gasoline engine
  • Projector halogen headlamps
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities
What You Won't Like
  • Cabin acoustics could be improved on
  • Vibrations while crawling in traffic
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On the outside, the 2021 Toyota Wigo retains its familiar shape from the non-facelifted model. Setting it apart from the old model, however, is a new aggressive front bumper, sharp-looking headlights that come with halogen projectors, and fog lamps on the lower bumper that comes with a new bezel design. One thing we noticed about the new face is that while its new bumper and grille may look big only about 70% of it is actually being used for cooling and air intake. The rest of it is just there for design.

Aside from that, Toyota has added a bit more snazziness to the Toyota Wigo by adding a new body kit to the vehicle with TRD S badging all around – in fact there are 10 badges in total. It's a gentle way of reminding you and all those who look at your car that it is the top-of-the-line variant. Aside from that the side profile of the Wigo remains the same, it still comes with 14-inch wheels with a new design, and a 180mm of ground clearance – impressive for a small car.

Speaking of body kits, the Toyota Wigo in its TRD S variant now comes with a new front chin, new side skirts, a new hatch integrated spoiler, and a new rear bumper to complete its sports-inspired look. To add to that Toyota has also added a new set of clear LED taillights at the rear as well as a raised emblem at the back that also doubles as the hiding spot for the reverse camera.

2021 Toyota Wigo dashboard

On the inside, the Toyota Wigo TRD S greets you with a black and gray interior. Black for the lower parts of the cabin and gray for the headliner. It's a nice uncluttered look especially if you want an interior that is easy to keep clean. Material-wise the Wigo comes with hard plastics, while not great to the touch, it caters more to durability more than feel. You can tell that Toyota had longevity and simplicity in mind when kitting out the Wigo indicating that the Japanese automaker wants the car to last.

2021 Toyota Wigo interior back seat

While the Toyota Wigo TRD S may seem small on the outside the inside tells a different story. The interior is in fact spacious for the average Filipino. The headroom is good, and so is the legroom. Even with the front’s seats fully rolled back there is still a lot of space for your legs and knees at the back. In terms of elbow room, the Wigo does have its compromises as the seating space allows for an optimal two adults at the rear. While it is capable of seating three at the back it might be a tight squeeze especially for those sitting in the middle. It is important to note that there is no center armrest for the second row and bottle holds are the only amenities found at the back - which is quite understandable for its price point.

2021 Toyota Wigo driver's seat philippines

Moving to the driver’s seat of the Toyota Wigo, you are greeted by large analog gauges and a nicely sized steering wheel. When it comes to getting into the right driving position in the Toyota Wigo can be a bit of a challenge. The steering column does not come with any adjustability functions as it doesn’t move. You will need to adjust your seat in order to adapt to the steering wheel. Despite this, reaching for the infotainment controls or climate controls isn’t difficult as everything is still well within an arm’s length.

2021 Toyota Wigo TRD S wheels

When it comes to comfort NVH is acceptable for the Toyota Wigo. This partly due to its eco tires and thinner sound deadening. Wind noise and engine also creeps in while traveling at higher speeds, however, it's not enough to be distracting while traveling on the highway. When it comes to the city the sound deadening does its job well resulting in a comfortable drive.

The suspension of the Wigo while not the best around does a decent job at keeping the bumps at bay. It's not the plushest ride considering the vehicle’s size and wheel profile, however, it's what you would expect for its price point and that's understandable. Overall it gives you a decent comfortable and composed ride if not a bit light especially when trucks pass you on the highway. 

2021 Toyota Wigo 7-inch infotainment system

Aside from the refreshed look, Toyota Philippines has given the Wigo a couple of upgrades to the interior. The small hatchback now comes with a new 7-inch infotainment system that now comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for the TRD S variant. This also doubles a reverse camera when needed. It is important to note that while there is a reverse camera present it does not come with adaptive guidelines and its resolution needs some improvement. During sunny days the light can easily drown out the view of the reverse camera hindering you from effectively parking your car. However, it is important to state that it is a nice touch, especially for first-time drivers. The Toyota Wigo also comes with single-zone automatic climate control, a USB port, a push to start system, and a 12-volt socket to round out the technology inside the cabin.

2021 Toyota Wigo airbag

In terms of safety, the Toyota Wigo TRD S comes with driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, a dashboard camera, an anti-theft system, and ISOFIX tethers. It is important to note, however, that while the dashcam is a handy feature to have especially for first-time drivers and car buyers it does have one annoying quirk. The dashcam will often beep with the sound of the nuclear launch prompt from the Call of Duty game franchise. It can be a bit surprising at first but once you get used to it, it really won’t bother you at the end of the day.

2021 Toyota Wigo TRD S driving

When it comes to driving the Toyota Wigo, it's actually pretty easy. The small hatchback itself is pretty pliant on city roads and behaves itself over small bumps. It’s one caveat, however, is its steering as it leans towards the heavier side which is contrary to it being such a light car. While it does require you to put in more work, it is very communicative and it tells you what the wheels and suspension are doing.

The 1.0-liter engine 65hp and 89 Nm of torque gasoline engine do a decent job of getting the Wigo up to speed in the city. On the highway, however, the motor is about average, it's not stunningly fast but it will get you and maintain highway speeds without a problem. The 4-speed transmission does rein in a bit of the power as it is tuned for fuel-efficiency. It will always keep it at a higher gear playing between 2nd and 3rd in order to get you the most out of the gasoline that you feed it, however, the transmission isn’t sporty, so drive accordingly. 

When it comes to traffic the Wigo does show one noticeable quirk. In its automatic variant, the vehicle tends to shudder a bit while crawling through traffic. Not really a cause for concern, but it could stress newer drivers or those who are unfamiliar with the car. Once you get used to it, however, a simple push of the accelerator to get it to crawl fast and the vibrations disappear. Not really a deal-breaker but still something to note of.

Overall the Toyota Wigo delivers average handling and that's perfectly fine considering its price point.

2021 Toyota Wigo engine bay

When it comes to fuel economy the Wigo does deliver, Toyota, after all, designed it for city use. In the city and in the new hellish traffic of the “new normal” the small hatchback can pump out 10.5km/L. Take on the highway and give it a chance to stretch its legs and it will gladly return 20km/L while humming along at around 3,000rpm at an average speed of 90kph. Like its pre-facelifted model, the Wigo still delivers on fuel economy an important factor to consider if you’re in the market for a new car.

Toyota Wigo TRD S action shot

The 2021 Toyota Wigo TRD S presents itself as an ideal package for those looking to get their first car or as a secondary vehicle for their son or daughter. It's compact and feature packed as well as frugal, enough to work on a tight budget. Toyota Philippines did a great job of kitting it out to meet the demands of its target market. There are even features found in the Wigo that aren’t even present with its competition. The addition of the reverse camera and the dashcam were nice touches that further make the Wigo more appealing for those who want an affordable and frugal small hatchback.

It brings to the table a pliant and composed ride that is paired with decent performance. It is even capable of going out of town and on road trips without a problem. With an attractive and competitive price tag of P700,000 it's easy to see the appeal of the Toyota Wigo. This is definitely one vehicle you should consider putting on your shortlist if you’re in the market to buy a small hatchback.



1.0 L

Fuel Type



65 hp @ 6,000 rpm




Name Toyota Wigo 1.0 TRD S AT
Body Type Hatchback
Price ₱705,000
Transmission Category Automatic



Economy & Environment


Safety & Security



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