Ford Territory Titanium Philippines Road Exterior Front Quarter

Ford’s lineup features a lot of cars with a lot of features. From the pickups to the SUVs, you can expect a well-padded spec sheet and a great amount of drivability. Though the new star of their crossover selection, the Ford Territory, just raised the bar of what we consider to be a feature-rich Ford. 

That being said, there’s a lot to love about the Ford Territory, but we’ve chosen 5 things that we absolutely admire about the compact crossover. 

Ford Territory Infotainment System

While it may have a learning curve to figure out the interface, the Ford Territory’s dashboard actually houses one of the most capable infotainment systems in the market today. With 10 inches worth of screen real estate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto onboard, you get the best software options for smartphones. It also helps that the system, once you get the hang of it, is very fluid. You get to control various items in your car which include the ventilated seats on the Titanium variant. Also on the top of the line trim is the 360-degree monitor, which is our next item on the list. 

Ford Territory 360-degree camera

At least on the Titanium variant, the Territory has a very useful feature for getting in and out of parking slots. In terms of features, this is one of the better ones that we cannot stop recommending modern cars especially for the sake of convenience and safety. What makes the Territory’s system so good, however, is the clarity of the cameras. Paired with the big infotainments screen, and you have yourself a great combo. The icing on the cake is the 3D view that makes your Territory appear like you are in a video game. 

Ford Territory Driving Philippines

Rather than being a hot hatch or a hot crossover with a turbocharger, it’s not intimidating to get in and drive the Ford Territory. Paired with Ford’s first-ever CVT in the Philippines, the crossover has smooth performance even with its turbocharged 1.5-liter engine that has 141 hp and 225 Nm of torque. The setup is perfect for city duty and it gets up to speed quite respectably, but it’s more smooth and refined than it is a fire-breathing monster. 

Ford Territory Cruise Control Stalk Interior

If you’ve tried using cruise control for the first time, you might find it a bit weird and scary if you’re not used to it, but Ford has outfitted the Territory with one of its headlining features for the Ford Everest and the Ford Ranger, adaptive cruise control with forward-collision warning. Switch it on, make sure it’s switched on, and you can rest your tired foot or take a break from constantly monitoring your speed. If someone happens to stop in front of you, no worries because the system will slow the car down on its own, but of course, keep your hands on the wheel. It’s meant to be a safety cushion. 

Ford Territory Rear Exterior Driving

There was once a time when features like active park assist, ventilated seats and adaptive cruise, and 360-degree cameras would be locked away in the upper echelons of the market. There was once a time where you would have to fork over millions of pesos just to get great features and refinement. Thanks to the progress of the industry, however, you need not worry anymore about sacrificing an arm and a leg for those toys because the Territory only costs P1,299,000 and that’s for the top of the line Titanium model. If you are more on a budget and want a great set of standard features minus a bit of the fluff, then get the Trend variant for P1,199,000. 

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