5 things we love about the Honda Brio

The Honda Brio has come of age in recent memory. Ever since its launch, people can’t get enough of this small hatchback. We believe it’s a great value, no matter Which Variant you get. 

Let’s not get into it too much, because we can go on and on about the things we like about the new Honda Brio. While there are some reservations we have about the model, but for the price, it’s hard to beat.

The Brio looks more expensive than it actually is, and even in 2021, it still quite a little headturner. With an array of bright and fun colors, it has a youthful appeal to it. We do enjoy the front of the Brio, but the angle that we love the most is the rear quarter. The rear of its predecessor was an acquired taste for many, but this generation’s is easier to love and comes with more dimension because of its multiple creases in all the right areas.

While the S and V variants are lookers in their own right, the Brio RS version has a lot going for it in terms of looks. With black accents and several additions, this small hatchback has an appeal its competitors don’t quite match just yet. 

Honda sprinkled some of its magic onto the Brio. While it looks small and is a cinch to drive, it does hide quite a bit of space for a small hatchback. You can comfortably seat two people, and fit three with some ease. It’s not the widest, but the rear passenger space is good enough, and the front passenger space is also quite spacious, given its segment. 

Honda Brio V CVT Engine

While ride quality is as expected for the Brio’s class, the element that stuck out while driving the model was the noise vibration and harshness insulation. For a small car, the Brio shines in the build quality department, which translates into the driving and handling of the unit. 

You have a 1.2-liter i-VTEC engine that won’t set the earth ablaze, but it’s fuel-efficient and perfect for city drives. On the highway, you won’t be fast, but rest assured the sound insulation in the cabin is class-leading. 

Handling is superb. It’s a fun car to chuck around in the corners especially if you know what you are doing. The engine may not be as potent, but the little hatch makes up for that aspect with predictable and accurate handling. If you find yourself on a twisty road with the Brio, you can have a little fun. 

Honda Brio RS

It’s great to see this feature making its way into the more affordable stable of cars. Sometimes, you might not be able to find this feature in more expensive cars, and Honda comes along and proves that even the most affordable cars can get this feature.

The RS and the V variant of the Brio have this, but the manual variant doesn’t. Forgivable given that it’s small, compact, and affordable. 

Honda Brio RS

Starting at just P601,000, you get quite a lot of car for your money. While it does come in a manual transmission, the Honda Brio 1.2 S MT is a good base to start from. For a better experience and a CVT, the V variant offers a compelling package at only P661,000. This unit comes with a few key upgrades such as an infotainment system that lets you pair your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth. 

If you’re feeling fancy, the RS variant may be the one for you. It features good styling as well as everything the V variant comes with, but with added flare. All of this can be had for under the P750,000 mark. 

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