10 of the most bought cars on AutoDeal

Another year has come to all of us and we at AutoDeal continue to provide the convenience of buying a car through a touch of a digital button. With an estimated 15,000 units of generated sales, we have managed to pinpoint 10 of the best-selling vehicles on the website for 2017.

The data gathered were from feedback and remitted sales by dealers. Do note, however, that the numbers were transactional data, which pertains to actual purchases that went through the website. Without much fuzz, here are the models that made buyers go crazy in 2017.

Starting the list is Mitsubishi's subcompact sedan. The Mirage G4 is one of the well-loved nameplates in its category. It has the dimensions that can fit the local roads and narrow streets, which is why more and more ride-sharing drivers opt for this model.

The Ranger pickup truck has 15 variants available in the Philippines. The dynamic range of selection could be a reason how it has managed to take the top position in the local pickup truck market. It even reached 63,525 half-year sales in Asia Pacific last year.

It's tiny, charming, and a fuel-saver. What's not to like about Toyota's mini subcompact hatchback Wigo? As a matter of fact, it ranks 3rd in AutoDeal's top 5 fuel-efficient vehicles in 2017. With its price tag and fuel consumption, you could definitely save more with the Wigo.

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is arguably one of the most successful Japanese midsize SUV in the country, with fair amount of praise and criticisms. Running this machine is a 2.4L DOHC MIVEC VG turbocharged clean diesel engine. For those who are hungry for off-roading power, Mitsubishi offers the Montero Sport with a 4x4 variant.

The Innova has gotten the hearts of Filipino families and is still among the most well-known MPVs in the market to date. It comes in either diesel or gasoline engine to suit varying preferences of the buyers. This Japanese MPV can seat 7 persons, including the driver, making it an ideal vehicle for extended families.

Toyota’s midsize SUV challenges the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Isuzu mu-X, Ford Everest, among others in the segment. Basically, the Fortuner is a 7-seater Hilux in an enclosed body-on-frame structure because it rides on the same platform as the said pickup truck.

Besting the American brand’s Ranger pickup truck is its midsize SUV Everest, which made it to the 4th spot. Why not? The Everest shares the same engine options as to the Ranger: 2.2L and 3.2L diesel engines. Putting it into perspective, the Everest is for those who want more room for the family. The Ranger on the other hand is for those who need a strong hauling machine.

The EcoSport owns the credit for sparking the rise of the subcompact crossover market. Ever since Ford took a bold move to bring it here, the popularity of the segment has continuously risen up to this day. No wonder why the EcoSport is still a best-seller despite rivaling competitors.

The mu-X was November 2017’s best-selling SUV and the 3rd best-selling model for that same month. Overall, it has managed to snatch the 2nd spot for the most-bought vehicles on AutoDeal. Among the competing nameplates in the segment that made it on the list, the mu-X offers the most ground clearance. This is indeed a big plus, considering the unforgiving road dilapidations in the country.

Still reigning with the gold crown, the Vios is unbeatable based on our online vehicle sales for 2017. Well, a part in us wants to say “let the roads be your proof” but we guess there’s no need for that. In short, it’s undeniably one of the top choices for Filipinos who like driving a car that is worth a long-term budget and their convenience – as supported by AutoDeal's Buyers Choice: Car of the Year Award for 2017.

In addition, here are a few notable nameplates that made it to the top 20:

So, there you have it; the vehicles that sold the most in 2017. For a quick summary of the entire list, refer on the chart below.

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