Mom drivers' car feature priorities

If there's anyone in this world who knows you (possibly) better than yourself, it's your mother. She bore you for 280 days just to feel one of the most physically painful moments of her life, which is giving birth to you. Aren't you very lucky to have gotten yourself a person who always has your back, cooks meals for you every day, and drives you to school? 

Talk about driving, mothers, perhaps, are one of the best drivers there is on the road. Think about all the distractions going on inside a mom’s car – who would've done it as better as them? Probably, professional drivers who get paid by driving but you get what we mean.

What makes mothers even more better daily drivers—in fact, the best—are their preferences in owning a car. What's their secret? Well, we scoured files for research and analyzed what car features moms consider having inside their car. 

Note: We included some car suggestions per feature, which does not cover all the cars with the same available feature.

leather seats

A definite must-have for moms are leather seats. This is especially true if they have hyperactive kids to take care of and still want their car’s interior to be clean. Do you want to know what a fabric upholstery does to her mood, especially when it gets spilled over, say, a chocolate drink? Don't bother asking. The good thing about leather is it's easy to wipe and clean – no need for washing and vacuuming.

The downside with leather seats is that it is often an option only available in higher-end vehicles. Luckily the automotive industry has changed making it easier to access this feature at a more affordable price. Even getting leather seat covers as an aftermarket purchase has gotten easier and more affordable as well. Either way, a mom will be thankful for these new options. 

rear air vents

A mother knows that when kids feel the heat, they'll do things that are guaranteed to test her patience to the limit. Well, the best way to keep the little ones calm back there is those rear air-conditioning vents. When it's cold, most kids remain calm—some might even fall asleep, making it easier to drive the car in peace, but when it gets hot, people can become irritable making driving a harder experience. This is why we are thankful that more and more vehicles are slowly adopting this feature even at affordable price points. 

ISOFIX tethers

The most important of all the important features, especially to mothers with infants, is ISOFIX. Love is driving carefully with your loved ones safely secured inside the cabin—ask a mom about it. Moms and dads in the know will unlikely secure baby seats via just seatbelts alone. Rather, they want them safe and sound. It's like "if only she could wrap the whole baby seat with hundreds of seatbelts, she will." To add to this there are also laws in the Philippines requiring child seats for kids of up to a certain age and height. While seatbelts can hold a child seat in place, ISOFIX tethers or anchors make it much easier to install and detach a child seat. 

Aside from child seat anchors, most moms would also recommend having a car with side and curtain airbags, just in case. It's costly but the price will never get in the way between a mother and her loved ones. After all, there are affordable options on the market that come with these safety features. 

The best thing about mothers is their multitasking skills as if they're a member of the Avengers or any heroic organizations alike. They can do various things at once, which is why they are the best. However, we all know that driving while on the phone is life-and-death-dangerous, and moms know it, too. That's why a car with Bluetooth connectivity is the best car to get their hands on.

Most if not all car manufacturers already have this feature in at least their mid-range models. This feature lets the user take advantage of advanced technology that makes driving easier than normal. Answering and making calls becomes an easy task and is just a press of a button away. The integration of voice commands has also made using this feature much easier as well. 

car backup camera

Kids should always be latched securely in the second row—moms know that. However, we all couldn't set the fact that kids have their elements of surprise aside. They may play with the pillows and raise them in the air, covering the rear window and making it hard for their mom to park in reverse. The solution is a reverse parking camera or backup camera, which is a safety feature that grants the driver a rearview.

power tailgate

In order for them to cook the best dishes in the entire universe, moms must first acquire the ingredients from the supermarket. Most of the time, it takes an armful (literally more than a handful) to provide a feast for the entire week—and there are times when moms go to groceries alone. They are often seen with large paper bags on both hands. So, to help them, car manufacturers integrated certain models with power/foot-activated liftgates.

Foot-activated liftgates utilize sensors that are installed beneath the rear bumper. All one has to do is align their foot with this sensor and wait for it to recognize your input and the tailgate will pop up. This way you don’t have to worry about getting the keys from your pocket or having to use your hand to unlock and lift the tailgate. It is important to note that these powered tailgates come in two forms, the first is a kick to open, while the other is swipe to open. Both work similarly and add convenience to the car and for the user.

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