Most affordable new cars for under P750,000 in 2020

Budget shopping for cars in the past would often land you in the used car section, but nowadays, with manufacturers pushing for more value-oriented vehicles with quality to match, consumers can now opt for new cars, even on a budget. 

With that in mind, if you have only P750,000 in the budget, what car would be right for you? We’re not listing all the options, but here are some picks that we think deserve a look or two. 

Chevrolet Spark

The smallest Chevrolet that you can get today, all models currently are priced under P750,000. The most expensive variant has enough features to keep you entertained, and it has one of the larger engines in its class. Exterior styling is also one of its strengths, as are the technology features. 

Honda Brio

This small hatchback from Honda is well under the P750,000 mark. Even at its most expensive, it is still quite affordable. The RS variant is especially attractive with its piano-black grille, extra body kits, and a CVT which makes it a perfect city car. Impressive outside as it is on the inside, the Honda Brio is one of the more attractive options in the market and has a coveted emblem to match. 

Baic M50S

This MPV offers some of the most space for the least amount of cash. In terms of outright leg and headroom, the M50S can serve as a prime choice for buyers on a budget. One of its variants even comes with captain’s chairs. 

Hyundai Reina

It came as Hyundai Philippines’ newest model in the lineup back in 2019. Even while it had a launch that was relatively quiet, the Reina still made waves with its attractive styling, attractive pricing, and its good driving characteristics. 

Kia Picanto Philippines EX

The third-generation Kia Picanto is one of the quality entries of Kia in the small hatchback segment in the Philippines. it comes with a good amount of features for not that high a price and it also gets two transmission and engine options for its lineup. For under P750,000, you can get a top of the line EX variant that comes with all the essentials and more which also includes a very capable infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Kia Soluto

The fraternal twin of the Reina, the Soluto may have the same platform, but its exterior and interior have a style of their own. This means that while the Soluto drives like the Reina, its features and interior trims have their own flair, which has to be considered when shopping at this price point. 

Kia Stonic Philippines

Introduced in the year 2020, the Stonic made waves in the Philippine market with its affordable price tag starting at just P735,000 for the base LX MT. The gearbox is mated to a 1.4-liter DCVVT engine that produces up to 94 hp. The crossover also comes with a couple of great features which include the 8-inch infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto even in the base model.

MG 5

MG Philippines wanted another best seller, so that meant that the brand had to be bold with features, as well as price. Both Core variants of the MG 5 are priced under P750,000. This deal includes a 1.5-liter engine along with either a Manual or CVT. While the base model with a stick and clutch will set you back P658,000, the Core CVT goes for P718,000, still under budget. 

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Mitsubishi Mirage

Part of the initial wave of affordable subcompacts in the market, the Mitsubishi Mirage entered the market with an array of essential features. Now, the model may be less-adorned, but that doesn’t detract from its appeal as an affordable vehicle. If you’re willing to go P10,000 over budget, then a CVT awaits you past that mark. 

Mirage G4

The sedan version of the Mirage is more expensive than the hatch, but it has one variant that allows it to be a part of this list. The only variant that’s under budget is the GLX MT. If you prefer driving stick, then maybe this model is for you. 

Nissan Almera

With two variants under the P750,000 mark, the Almera at P657,000 will come with a 1.2-liter gasoline motor or a 1.5-liter at P735,000. Both of these engines are mated to a manual transmission. It features one of the more generous boot spaces coming in at almost 500 L in capacity. 

Suzuki Celerio

It’s not just under budget, it’s well under budget. While it is a bit on the small side, the compact hatchback from Suzuki has quite a bit to offer in terms of tech. It features a reasonable amount of space and even features a CVT, which the Celerio offers for a steal price. 

Suzuki Dzire

The subcompact sedan of the lineup, the Dzire slots well under budget with either a manual or an Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. The AGS transmission retains the feel of a manual, but with the convenience of an automatic. It’s one of the quirks, but it doesn’t detract from the car’s performance. 

Suzuki Ertiga

As a 7-seater, the Suzuki Ertiga presents itself with already-good value, but with a GA variant coming in at only P738,000, the Ertiga should definitely be considered when shopping on a budget. A seven-seater with a trusted nameplate is not to be scoffed at. Suzuki is also known for delivering value with all variants as well, so this is up to your consideration. 

2020 Suzuki S-Presso Philippines

Introduced in the Philippine market in 2020, the Suzuki S-Presso was introduced to much acclaim due to its quirky looks and very affordable price tag. One of the lowest-priced cars in the market today, the small hatchback rides higher than other rivals, however, it only comes with one engine and transmission option. The 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine produces great fuel efficiency while it is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. 

Toyota Avanza

Even with just one variant under budget, the Avanza is still a major model that is considered by many budget shoppers. Under P750,000, you get a 1.3-liter engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. While not that big of a motor, the Avanza does have enough space. You’ll only get 5 seats, but your cargo space will be enhanced because there’s nothing to get in the way. 

Toyota Vios

The most popular sedan in the Philippines, which also happens to be produced locally, 4 variants of the Vios slot under the P750,000 limit. The closest to the budget, with the best value for a traffic-infested city, is the 1.3 XE CVT. With its stellar value and automatic transmission, it was a prime choice for us to review behind the wheel, and with a badge like Toyota’s adorning it, you can’t help but give it consideration. 

Toyota Wigo TRD-S Philippines

The smallest Toyota in the lineup, the Wigo comes with either a manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic. It has enough space and is compact enough to drive out in the city. It also has essential features that liven up the cabin, as well as a 4-speed automatic transmission. 

Volkswagen Santana

As the only European brand on the list, it stands out from a sea of Asian brand cars. The only model that can be had for under P750,000 would be the base 1.4 MPI MT variant. It’s manual only, but if you prefer buying a car with a clutch, German styling, and a frugal engine, then the Santana is a perfectly good choice. 

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