2017 Mazda CX-5 Safety

Safety is one of the most important features of a car and also one of the most unnoticeable – unless the need arises. To put things in perspective, a car without airbags is fine when you’re driving it peacefully on the road. However, when a collision occurs, the presence of airbags can dictate the lives of the passengers.

Hence, Mazda didn’t leave the safety features of the all-new CX-5 in vain. In fact, with their Proactive Safety philosophy, accidents are not only envisioned to be mitigated, but rather prevented through a number of high-technology features.

Mazda Proactive Safety

Although the all-new CX-5 has a lot of features that can reduce (if not remove) injuries during an accident, the main focus of Mazda is preventing them before they even happen. Just like what they always say, prevention is better than cure.

With its set of high-technology features, occupants inside the all-new CX-5 aren’t only comfortable and relaxed, but they will also have peace of mind whether they’re behind the steering wheel or as passengers.

Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH) 12-split Array

Mazda revolutionized the way headlights work with the previous CX-5 through the Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH). Through the row of 4 LEDs inside a headlamp, the illumination is more defined and specific. When needed, each LED will adjust or shut down, depending on the oncoming vehicle to avoid blinding its driver, preventing a possible accident.

However, Mazda took this up a notch with the all-new CX-5. By increasing the 4 LEDs to 12, the control on the illumination is more precise and can detect pedestrians, which makes it more effective in preventing danger.

Active Driving Display

If head-up displays are an awesome feature among the rest of Mazda’s lineup, the all-new CX-5’s windshield-projected driving display is its next-generation phase. By projecting relevant information at near eye-level on the windshield itself, the amount of time the driver adjusts his line of sight and focus is reduced, which makes driving safer since his attention will be kept on the road head.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind spots are the parts of the road that you can’t see from the driver seat, even when you use your rear or side view mirrors. Unfortunately, when another car or motorcycle is in this spot, there is a high risk of an accident occurring due to limited visibility.

The all-new Mazda CX-5 addresses problem by introducing Blind Spot Monitoring. Seen in the bigger global-spec CX-9, this feature uses sensors to detect oncoming vehicles from directions that are deemed invisible from the cockpit.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist

For long drives and highway driving, staying awake and keeping in the lane can be a challenge. However, Mazda tackles this problem by utilizing Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist systems.

Using a forward-facing camera, the all-new CX-5 can detect lane markings and road curvature while running at 60 km/h and above, while other sensors in the car detect speed, yaw rate, and steering. The data from the sensors allow the car to keep you at the center of the lane. If you happen to veer away from the center, the car will notify you through sound, visual warning, and vibrations on the steering wheel.

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