Top 5 most popular cars for Millennials

Of all the age groups that use AutoDeal to shop for a brand new car, a bulk of it are millennials aged 25 to 34 years old. This raised our curiosity on which models are the most popular in this age bracket, so we dug up the numbers to find out.

The data from was measured between January to September 2015. We then pulled out the top 5 vehicles and segregated the data by gender, 65% of which were male and 35% were female. 

Surprisingly, it was an eye opener to see how similar the preferences were for both genders with the top 3 being composed of the same vehicles but in a slightly different order. Here’s how the data looked like.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 (#1 for both men and women) 

Of all the cars on the AutoDeal Car Guide, it was a surprise that the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 came out as the top choice for both men and women. 

The Mirage G4 has a large trunk capacity of 450L, fuel efficient 1.2L engine, and a smooth continuously variable transmission (CVT). All that combined with its affordable price that ranges from P553,000 to P743,000 makes it a practical choice for this age group.

Toyota Vios (#2 for men and #3 for women)

The country’s best selling car, the Toyota Vios has been one of the all time favorites because of its aggressive looks, cabin space, and notable reliability. It’s also a well known fact that it’s easy to maintain a Toyota. This makes it a top choice for both private users and businesses such as taxi and UBER operators.

Toyota Wigo (#3 for men and #2 for women)

The Toyota Wigo is one of the favorites in the subcompact hatchback segment on the AutoDeal Car Guide. This could be because of its affordable price, cute boxy design, and most of all - its interior and trunk space. The top of the line variant even comes with a navi-ready display that can play AM/FM/CD/MP3/Video via USB, iPod or AUX through 4 speakers.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport (#4 for men and honorable mention for women)

This midsized SUV has a macho look which apparently both men and women love. It’s wide wheel arches, 17-inch alloy wheels, and curvy design complete the beefed up look. The Montero Sport also doesn’t lack in power with its 2.5L turbo diesel engine. Inside, a single in-dash 7-inch LCD DVD player that has USB, iPod, SD Card, and Bluetooth connectivity will keep its passengers entertained.

Chevrolet Spin (#5 for men and #4 for women)

For a price range of P838,888 to P928,888 you get 711 L of trunk space, spacious legroom, front and rear manual air conditioning, a wireless headunit to play your music, and choice between a 1.3L diesel and 1.5 gasoline engines . The Spin can seat up to 7 people making it a practical choice for family excursions or trips to the grocery.

Honda Brio Amaze (#5 for women)

This quirky looking subcompact sedan has 225L more trunk space than its hatchback counterpart making it a more practical choice. And because it has a longer wheelbase of 2,405 mm, it gives generous legroom for each of its 5 passengers.

Mazda 3 Skyactiv Sedan (Honorable Mention for men)

The 3 Skyactiv boasts new tech stuff from Mazda such as the Active Driving Display and MZD Connect. Its design is based on the KODO - Soul of motio which makes the Mazda 3 look energetic, sharp, and modern.

For more information on the cars listed above, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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