What makes the GAC GN6 unique in its segment?

The MPV market in the Philippines is very much alive and well. You have entries from all over the world trying to make their mark in the local market. However, while the Toyota Innova is still one of the go-to MPV to pick, there is a new kid on the block that wants to challenge this veteran of the segment.

This new vehicle is the GAC GN6 which recently made its debut in the local market. It comes with all the right features to make it a great MPV and even comes with captain’s chairs for that extra level of comfort. The question now is, with most vehicles all beginning to look similar in the MPV market, what separates the GAC GN6 from the rest of its rivals?

gac gn6 exterior

The MPV segment is a mish-mash of cars that either look like an SUV or have gone with the minivan design. The GN6 goes with the latter, but it executes it well. You get a massive, and we mean massive, grille that dominates the front fascia that is flanked on either side by a sleek set of halogen project headlights along with thin LED daytime running lights found on the bumper. You also get clean lines down the side and a floating roof design that works well with the MPV. At the back, the GN6 gets a squared-up rear with a nice set of LED taillights.  Overall, these design elements all work together to give you a timeless design that blends well with other vehicles yet at the same time manages to stand out once you look at its smaller details.

GAC GN6 interior

While the competitors of the GAC GN6 have gone with a more utilitarian and robust design to their cabins, this MPV takes it a step further and adds a more premium feel to the interior. Soft-touch materials are present and are in high-touch areas. Everything in the vehicle feels solidly built and everything is also easily within reach. The floating design for the gear shifter even allows for more space to be had in the cabin for storage. One thing we do have to note is that the dashboard is a bit high and that there are piano black plastics that can be found on the dashboard and around the gear shifter. While these can take away from the longevity of the premium look of the vehicle, it's still a great design as it blends well with the dark brown color scheme of the cabin. Premium is what the GAC GN6 aims for and it does exactly that even while working with an affordable budget.

Aside from this the MPV also comes with captain’s seats, which is a rarity in its segment as only the higher trim versions of its competitors get this feature at a much higher price. It also has the unique ability for its 3rd row to be completely folded flat to give the vehicle a flat floor at the back for more cargo space, which in turn gives it a big advantage over its rivals. Its competitors don’t have this feature so you have to account for reduced interior space as the seats will either be folded to the side or will be flat but will have the effect of a raised floor.

GAC GN6 infotainment system

In terms of technology, the GAC GN6 is on par with most of its rivals. It gets a 7-inch infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPay and Bluetooth capabilities. Sorry to the Android users out there, as this vehicle does not come with the feature available. However, what we can tell you is that the screen resolution is crisp and is positioned well inside the cabin of the vehicle. However, CarLife is available for those who want to screen mirror their Android phones. We get that it's a few extra steps, but it beats having nothing. 

GAC GN6 engine

The greatest rival to the GAC GN6 is undoubtedly the Toyota Innova as it has been the benchmark for many in the MPV segment as it comes with turbo-diesel power under the hood. In the case of its other competitors, they only come with naturally aspirated powerplants with the exception of the Maxus G50 which has a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine, and the Geely Okavango which has a 1.5-liter turbo as well but has the advantage of having a mild hybrid system paired to it.  

Like the G50, the GAC GN6 also comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged motor under its hood. It produces 169 hp and 265 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine itself is Euro 5 compliant, and the MPV's tank capacity is rated at 52 liters. In terms of vehicle comfort, the GAC GN6 comes with a more refined chassis that you can tell was built for a smooth and pliant ride. Aside from this, the vehicle also feels a lot better to drive especially compared to the Innova which utilizes a body on frame design. 

GAC GN6 side profile

The GAC GN6 is only available in one variant the 1.5 Turbo AT model. GAC Philippines has equipped the variant well as it comes with a balanced set of features and is priced at P1,350,00. While it may seem a bit higher compared to its naturally aspirated counterpart, you do get what you pay for with the vehicle.

Overall, the GAC GN6 is a breath of fresh air in the segment as it offers you a premium interior and the feature of having comfortable captain’s chairs at an affordable price point. It also comes with a turbocharged gasoline engine which separates it from its naturally aspirated competitors and sets it apart from its main turbo diesel rival. It definitely comes with a unique value for money proposition that many will enjoy from it.

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