Ford Everest - Which Variant?

Here is the new Ford Everest, a minor-looking, major upgrade over its last iteration. As stated in our First Drive, those who were on the fence when it came to the Everest should pull the trigger when able because with the 2.0-liter biturbo EcoBlue diesel popping under the hood, this SUV is a promising buy. 

There are, however, two Titanium variants on offer from the Blue Oval. One with 4x4 capability, two turbos, and advanced cruise control. The other gets a watered-down package that’s perfectly serviceable, if not more enticing provided its price point. Here is our take on which is the right variant. Again, we would like to reiterate that you must consider what you can afford first, then choose your variant accordingly. 

Ford Everest – Which Variant?

Ford Philippines’ 4x2 Titanium variant is the most affordable entry into the high-end world of Titanium variants. Almost everything that makes the top of the line variant great is found in this unit. You get a leather interior that is equipped with all the trimmings and gadgets that you can find in the 4x4 variant. 

What’s good about this unit is the retention of the 10-speed automatic transmission which can also be found in the Ford Ranger Raptor, but understandably missing is the biturbo setup in the engine bay. Regardless of the presence of two turbos or one, this single-turbo variant still makes a hefty 180 hp and 420 Nm of torque. More than enough in a vehicle of this class. 

Starting at P1,995,000, this variant makes sense for the features. It undercuts the 4x4 variant by quite a bit of coin considering that it comes with more tech and a complete terrain management system. 

At P2,299,000, this variant comes with everything that you can think of plus a little bit more. If you want more power, you got it, thanks to two turbos bolted to a two-liter engine. Couple that with the 10-speed automatic, and you pretty much have the Raptor hiding in the bodywork of this SUV.

Try 210 hp and 500 Nm of torque on for size. The 4x4 variant gets 30 hp and 70 Nm more than the lower Titanium trim. Though this isn’t the only thing that is hiding inside the bodywork. You also get a panoramic moonroof and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, otherwise known as autonomous emergency braking. Couple that with the adaptive cruise control with forward collision alert, and you have yourself a car that you can cruise in without worry. 

The driver-assist features don’t stop there thanks to the inclusion of a lane keep system, and an active park assist. Whether you’re going forward or backing into a parallel parking slot, the Everest 4x4 Titanium variant will pretty much drive and park itself. 

But, are all these inclusions worth the P304,000 premium over the 4x2? 

Ford Everest – Which Variant?

Among these two variants, we believe that there is one stand-out, but we’d only recommend it if your lifestyle demands it. We have stated before, that a 4x4 is not needed if you relegate the vehicle for mall crawling and grocery duties, but because of the engine, it is hard to resist the Biturbo variant with that “just in case” 4x4 system. The added features of the 4x4 variant are also nice to have. 

But you do have to ask yourself whether you need these extra features and the extra power. If you think about it, the 2.0L single-turbo does well to keep this SUV competitive even without an extra spooler. Both units are compelling, but we can’t help but feel a little short-changed about the 4x2’s engine and lack of extra safety features, but shelling out P1,995,000 is arduous enough as it is, so will adding more be acceptable? 

The answer is yes. It could be if it matters to you. We mentioned in our First Drive that now is the best time to purchase a Ford Everest if you have been holding back, especially with the top of the line variants. With the money saved up, and the Everest puttering along with the best engine currently available in Ford’s stable, we recommend that you go all out with the 4x4 variant, but only if you need the 4x4 system, or have a deep appreciation for one of the best-performing diesel engines available today. 

Otherwise, the 4x2 single turbo variant is your top pick here. If you’re looking for a car that can do the job, provided it’s not too intense, then save over three hundred thousand pesos for more groceries. So there you have it, our champ today is the 4x4 Titanium with the 4x2 variant being the runner up. 

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